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The next push

Handgun ban. The wheels are being greased and Glock, probably the most popular handgun in the US, is the target of the press.

9 Responses to “The next push”

  1. John A Says:

    Sen. Feinstein’s ban included wording which could easily be condtrued to ban ALL semi-automatic firearms. And since most crimes commited using firearms involved pistols, not long guns, passing any ban on rifles would “naturally” lead to banning shorter barrelled semi-autos. And then lever-actions. Revolvers. And …

  2. Ron W Says:


  3. Harry Sucio Says:

    My wife is the best woman in the world because the other day she told me she was really glad we own so many guns.

  4. Brad Says:

    Wowzer. That ABC Nightline piece was pretty damn bad. I was especially appalled at the deliberately misleading use of statistics to ‘prove’ women using guns for self-defense is counter-productive.

    Glock had better wise up and join the boycott of anti-gun agencies, otherwise the only market Glock will eventually have left in America is the police market.

  5. Paul Says:

    There won’t be any handgun ban. Far more people own handguns (thanks to CHL laws) than semi-auto rifles.

    No, way to many voters will vote the nitwits out if they pass such.

  6. TigerStripe Says:

    @Paul, those voters have to let their elected representatives that they will be booted from office if they touch their guns, or make private sales illegal, etc. Some will still vote for gun control over the voters’ objections, as we saw in Colorado…


  7. Kristophr Says:

    More throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.

    Until these retards are punished for pushing this crap, they will keep throwing poo.

  8. Ron W Says:

    Re: #3 post: That’s a really good girl attitude Harry. Keep her!

  9. mariner Says:

    Elections don’t really matter anymore.

    1. Democrats have been stealing elections with impunity for over fifty years now. We all know it, and even joke about dead people voting, but it happens more and more every election cycle.

    2. “Elected” representatives do not represent their constituents. See Obamacare, illegal immigration and Colorado’s recent gun control law.

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