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Going on offense

They’re trying that in Florida. At the federal level, NRA should go on offense as well. Probably been long enough they no longer have to play nice-nice. I’d have someone attach national concealed carry to every gun bill that makes it anywhere near the floor.

5 Responses to “Going on offense”

  1. Matthew Carberry Says:

    or to repeal the prohibition on buying handguns across state lines,

    or to reopen the registry,

    or gut the NFA and move SBRs,SBSs,suppressors,AOW’s, heck, even full autos to Title 1.

    After all, if background checks are enhanced or expanded, those regulations are redundant.

  2. Sebastian Says:

    That would require the Republicans to go on the offensive. Good luck with that 😉

  3. mariner Says:

    Republicans go on the offensive only against conservatives.

  4. Sebastian Says:

    I’ll count my lucky stars of they don’t screw us.

  5. Kristophr Says:

    Set up a national reciprocity system at the state level by passing identical CCW laws in as many states as possible.

    Add a clause that makes CCW holders state militiamen, and authorizes them to buy m-4 burst fire carbines, ammo, and magazines from the state.

    Make CCW/militia transfer automatic if you move to another such state.

    Once all of the free states enter into such a compact, use the federal courts to force the unfree states in.