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Rand Paul for president

Someone thinks he’s running. I hope so. And, by the way, he’s not his father. For instance, this is why I like him:

33 Responses to “Rand Paul for president”

  1. ButchSundance Says:

    Epic fucking rant!

  2. JR Says:

    A Rand Paul – Sarah Palin Primary would be pretty awesome. Would like to see them debate.

  3. Patrick H Says:

    Yeah, he’s okay. Little too neo-con for me.

  4. Lyle Says:

    Hear hear!

    Notice to all you other busybodies (communists); You THINK you have a better idea? Fine. Since you’re such a towering genius, surely you can start your own business on your own dime, put this superior idea of yours into production, advertize it on your own dime (like me), and we’ll see how well it does in the marketplace. M’Kay? (I know; people are too stupid to see the greatness in your ideas. That’s going to be your excuse when you fail. Blame the customer)

    The bottom line is; morons have no way to make a living but through coercion. At the basic, starter level, we call them common criminals. At the wholesale level we call them politicians.

  5. ATLien Says:

    I’ve met the guy, and he came off as a capable smart guy. It’s hard to believe he got voted into a political office.

  6. Cargosquid Says:

    vid is missing.

  7. SayUncle Says:

    No, not for me.

  8. TigerStripe Says:

    How the hell did he ever get elected? He makes sense!


  9. Sebastian Says:

    Missing for me too. Are you a Mac User Cargosquid? I’ve tried it in Chrome, Safari and Firefox for Mac and no dice.

  10. Sebastian Says:

    And Rand Paul I think I might be able to get excited about. He’s like Ron Paul, but with 30% less crazy, and 50% being your angry grandfather.

  11. Smince Says:

    “Little too neo-con for me.” LOL…I assume that was sarcasm, or “neo-con” does not mean what you think it means.

  12. NikFromNYC Says:

    Outright abortion banners are unelectable due to urban women who grew up with Madonna and Brittany Spears, due to something called the laugh test, and the act of failing it.

  13. REI Says:

    When the dog catches the car

    The issue that cost the GOP the 2012 election was abortion. This is obvious to anyone who knows any Obama voters.

    The GOP position on abortion is like dogs chasing cars. They canít resist, and they canít ever catch them, but what would they do if they did?

    How would they act if they could actually outlaw abortion?

    Would Plan B pills be outlawed? Almost certainly. Would that be effective? Yes, of course. Just kidding. Once outlawed, Plan B pills would be directly marketed to schoolgirls by an amazingly well organized network of criminals, the same people who are so effective now at marketing drugs to children in every city and hamlet. Every teenager would have a stash of them, resulting in more teenage sex, not less.

    Would a large number of people start offering illicit abortion services? Yes, without a doubt. Any EMT or nurse could do them. But never fear, the same government bodies which are so effective at stamping out prostitution and drug use would create huge expensive task forces to find and prosecute them. However, like all other government programs, those working in them would soon realize that if they really found ways to stop abortion, their high paying jobs would end.

    Would mandatory pregnancy testing be implemented in high schools? With Plan B and illicit abortion providers everywhere, it would have to be. Would these testing programs result in mistakes and false positives? Yes, lots of them, with the accompanying disastrous damages to innocent lives.

    Would doctors be required to report all pregnancies to a government agency so the unborn child could be properly protected? Obviously yes, the same people who had a large enough majority to outlaw abortion would not let this loophole go unblocked. Would this government agency screw up almost constantly? Would it be corrupt? What do you think?

    Would pregnancy self-tests be outlawed? They would have to be. Potentially pregnant women would have to be forced into the medical system so their pregnancies could be reported and their unborn children protected. Even though outlawed, the tests would still be available from the same people selling Plan B, making them look like heroes. Dangerous hormonal overdose drugs would also be marketed by these people to induce abortion.

    Would organized crime come into possession of lists of Plan B purchasers and those who had provided or undergone illicit abortions? What do you think? A new blackmail industry would spring into being. Lists and videos of those buying Plan B, those providing and having abortions, and large numbers of totally innocent women, would be sold like lists of stolen credit card numbers are now.

    Prosecutors would be selectively fed information to keep the blackmail going. Hugely expensive government stings would be run, complete with swat team no knock raids, many on wrong addresses. Thousands of innocent pets would be shot as they barked and growled at the helmeted and body armored intruders. The worst of the blackmailers would be given immunity as they helped in the prosecution of thousands of women and a few token criminals.

    How would miscarriages be handled? What would women be forced to do to prove that it was an innocent unintended event? I donít even want to think about it.

    How many millions of prison cells would be needed to lock up all the girls and women caught up in the new War on Abortion? Would there be mandatory minimum sentences like in the Drug War? Probably. How else to prevent judges from taking pity on those before them and issuing large numbers of suspended sentences?

    Would there be any limit to tax money spent on counselors and support for pregnant schoolgirls? Would teenage pregnancy become another untouchable entitlement?

    There is a win win alternative. What would happen if GOP leaders declared any attempt to overturn Roe off limits, and really meant it? What if they created a pledge like the Norquist Taxpayer Protection Pledge?

    If that happened, a huge number of independents, and a lot of Democrats, no longer threatened by the scenarios above, would be freed to express their true pro-life beliefs.

    Abortion would suddenly be seen as immoral by a large majority. Private support and adoption services would experience explosive growth. Millions of unwanted children would have life and good homes.

    The result would be far fewer abortions, a more moral and self reliant society, and a GOP sweep in 2014 that would bring an end to the insane progressive/liberal era.

    It can happen. Being pro-life and wanting to outlaw abortion are not the same.

    The outlaw-abortion faction is a very small, but very noisy, part of the GOP, but it is guaranteeing the election of the worst sort of clueless liberals, which is destroying the country.

    Is demanding abortion be outlawed worth seeing Obama Supreme Court appointees confirmed who will gut the Second Amendment and destroy what is left of limited government? That will happen if outlawing abortion is the defining issue in 2014.

    The outlaw-abortion faction is in total denial of what would actually happen if it got its way, and the damage it is doing by trying.

    It is time to think about what would happen if the dog actually caught the car.

    The cure will be much worse than the disease.

  14. Don Says:

    You just might have something there, Unc! REI closed the sale for me…made Rand Paul sound even more rational.

  15. xthred Says:

    Beware. The crazy apple don’t fall far from the crazy tree.

  16. JeffC Says:


    just another liberal myth … the GOP as a whole doesn’t want to ban abortion … they certainly do want the Federal gov out of the business of funding it …

    there is a large percentage of the Democrat party that wants to ban gun ownership … much larger than the percentage of the GOP that wants to ban abortion … why is it that the MSM never focuses on that large Democrat faction ?

    the problem is not the abortion banners, the problem is the MSM that paints every GOP candidate with the abortion banning brush … ignore the banners and focus on beating the MSM and the GOP will win elections …

  17. HL Says:

    We all know that society works best when there are no consequences for one’s actions, so GO GO ABORTION!

    But seriously, my only problem with Rand is that he has Jim Kirk’s haircut from The Wrath of Khan, and we know that turned out to be fake.

  18. PJ Says:

    The appliance standards work???

    Lady, my new dishwasher has broken down 3 times in the first six months and maybe rinses the dishes. It doesn’t clean them!

    (Oh, do NOT buy Frigidaire Gallery.)

  19. xthred Says:

    Lol HL

  20. JDoors Says:

    Love her response that the appliance standards are a successful collaboration between government agencies. Yes, yes it is, the government successfully forced standards upon us all that jacked up the cost of appliances, drivng even more production overseas (in an attempt to keep prices down to acceptable levels), and for what?

    You can measure the amount of energy used, but as another post suggests, the side-effects of “efficiency” are vast and are either unmeasured or are (conveniently) unmentioned. I have to run hot water for several minutes to “assist” my “efficient” dishwasher, do they measure that? Or I have to run a cycle that heats the water – I didn’t have to do that with my old dishwasher. And it STILL doesn’t clean as well as the old one, while taking twice as long to NOT work as well.

    Thanks successful collaboration!

  21. Eduardo Vidal Says:

    I anticipate supporting a ticket of Marco Rubio for President and Rand Paul for Vice President.

  22. ragnar danneskjold Says:

    The best reason to be pro-abortion is that it is only leftists who are aborted, thus the equivalent of predator drones for domestic enemies of freedom. Hard for me to choose among Paul, Rubio, and Cruz – all walk the walk.

  23. Tom Says:

    It’s a fallacy to think that republicans could get more votes than they would lose if they dumped their pro-life stance. Chasing libertarians is a losing proposition for them. Most people in this country are statists of one kind or another, and the republicans already have all the libertarians who are willing to choose the lesser of two evils. Why piss off the social cons (of which there are many) to please the libertarians who currently vote democrat (of which there are hardly any)?

  24. Karl Hallowell Says:

    Tom, those libertarians can vote Libertarian. The Republicans have already lost a few elections by less margin than the Libertarian party vote.

  25. coniston Says:

    Yes the dishwashers are bad but it is the banning of phosphates in the dishwasher detergent which is the real culprit. Some enterprising person should come to the UK (where we still have them – but probably not for v long) and make a killing on the black market.

    Rand Paul makes sense. I just wish that someone had applauded/agreed with him. But they won’t as they write the laws to line their pockets. Same thing in the UK. And I wish he had pressed her to tell him the name of a toilet that works and doesn’t cost the earth.

    Busybodies, yes, and mini-fascists of the first rank.

    Conservation? About 20th in importance to them. People used to conserve on a very very wide basis. It was what you were told from childhood. “Never waste, never want” or “waste not, want not”. Simple, practical no need for laws. If you look at the size of the EPA/ E&E and other related agencies, we could cut them by 90% and the money saved would be great but think of all the energy we could save. Much more than all the stupid lightbulbs and toilets and etc etc put together.

  26. Pat McCann Says:

    REI. The Republicans or anyone else can’t outlaw abortion. The Supreme Court “found” a “Right to Privacy” in the Constitution (I’ve read it several times and I can’t find it). If Roe v Wade was overturned, then abortion laws would return to the States. Do you really think New York, California, Mass, OR, Conn., Washington, would really outlaw abortion?

  27. Cormac Says:

    Senator Cruz was, unfortunately, born in Canadia…
    No presidential ticket for him. ūüôĀ

  28. harp1034 Says:

    She was right when she said all of this started 30 to 40 years ago with both Democrats and Republians involved. Now they are claiming we can’t go back.

  29. Ron W Says:

    Cormac,you birther!

  30. Joe Scarhamlet Says:

    You have the know that THE most important thing to stop abortion is to make it illegal. Or, if it can’t be made illegal, get people to understand that this is a travesty, and it should be made illegal sometime down the road. Because if abortion is what you believe it is, what you know it is, what you have seen it is with your own eyes–at least in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, and tens of thousands of abortions are performed at those stages, mostly for the convenience of the mother, and not for any type of emergency reasons (in other words, the mother and baby could both easily live)–if abortion is what it is, it must be illegal. If it is legal, you get a shell game.

  31. Joe Scarhamlet Says:

    Here’s the shell game: the judge or congresscritter says, “Women want abortions, and the ‘doctors’ are willing to do them, so it should be legal.” The abortionists say, “It’s legal and the women want them, so I will provide them in a [somewhat] clean place.” And the women say, “It’s legal and the doctors provide them, it must be okay.” So–surprise!–no one is responsible. I have even heard the ridiculous statement that “no one is in favor of abortion.” Well, how do you get something happening a million times a year, year after year, in the US, if no one is in favor of it?

  32. Joe Scarhamlet Says:

    Obviously, the compromise position is to overturn Roe v Wade and let the states decide. As of now, most abortions would be legal in most states. But public thinking may evolve one way or another, and you will end up with a regime that more people will support. Controversial issues like abortion, drugs, prostitution, and so on should be decided at a state level, ideally at least.

  33. Joe Scarhamlet Says:

    **if abortion is what it is**

    I left off the sentence I meant to highlight here. If abortion is what it is–the tearing to shreds of a little boy or girl inside of his or her mother’s womb–then… (as I wrote above)

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