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Having the conversation

Joe on driving the debate. Another perspective here.

I think prerequisite in having a conversations is that our opponents know what they’re talking about. Using terms like “high-magazine clips” and the now infamous “shoulder thing that goes up” should embarrass these people. But it doesn’t. They have agendas.

I’m guessing that since there is now a gun control task force headed up by Biden, the conversation from the other side will consist of them taking advantage of and exploiting a tragedy then wonder why our side says no.

As part of that conversation, here’s Diane Feinstein’s press release announcing the new ban on the country’s most popular rifles. Her bill, which is stupid, also would not have stopped the CT shooting.

Some sense from Samuel Jackson, though it needs more F bombs.

2 Responses to “Having the conversation”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    I’m sick of this “Conversation” Nonsense. I’m pulling a page from the Liberal Playbook- “The Conversation about Climate Change is Over!” Well, “The Conversation about Gun Control Is Over! Shall NOT be Infringed means SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Now go away!”

  2. Huck Says:

    “should embarrass these people. But it doesn’t. They have agendas.”

    One cannot embarrass or shame people who have no morals or intelligence.