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Stop touching it

Remember when we talked about pooping while carrying and, you know, how it was dumb to take it out of the holster and all that? Well, here’s one reason why. Seems an officer used the TTAG approved method of removing his gun while doing number 2. He left the gun in the bathroom and it was later used in a shooting death.

Stop touching it.

23 Responses to “Stop touching it”

  1. wildbill Says:

    “Proffessional courtesy”? Didn’t report the lost gun ’til the next day? What kind of crap is that. If a carry permit holder had left his pistol and this happened it would of been all over the news and charges would have been filed on the gun owner.

  2. breda Says:

    How about suggesting people be mindful while touching it? Inattention is the problem here, not gun handling.

    Besides, the entire “using the can while carrying” gunblog conversation is so male-centric. While you boys are quibbling about how best to use the potty (stall or urinal? stand up or sit down?), ladies who CCW have more difficult matters to consider.

    For instance, try changing your tampon while carrying.

  3. GomeznSA Says:

    breda – that’s waaay too much info!

    In almost 40 years of carrying – professionally and as an armed citizen – I left my carry weapon behind precisely once: I got an emergency call to an unknown details vehicle accident – semi vs passenger car; while I was in the process of booking a prisoner into the jail. In my haste to respond to this potentially devastating accident, I left my revolver behind (yep – it was back in the olden days – just barely beyond horseback as primary means of travel!).
    2 positives (besides the accident turning out to be relatively minor: 1) I didn’t need my firearm to protect myself or any one else; 2) it was locked in a vault so NO ONE else could get it.
    Positive weapon control for ALL users is paramount at all times, regardless of who the carrier is. If anyone is unwilling to maintain that positive control, perhaps they should NOT be carrying a firearm.

  4. TomcatTCH Says:

    I don’t get it.

    Leave it in the holster, the holster attached to your pants, and drop trou. Tada!

    What is there to talk about?

    I’d assume carrying in a kilt is a good bit like carrying in a skirt, and you can either gather it up about your waist, or drop it down just like pants.

    This ain’t rocket surgery.

  5. Old NFO Says:

    Once again the ‘professional’ screws it up… And WHY did they wait?

  6. breda Says:

    GomeznSA – sorry to offend your delicate sensibilities. I guess we should just purse carry our pink snubbies and not worry our pretty little heads, right?

  7. alan Says:

    So talking about losing a gun while you’re taking a dump in the head is ok but mentioning a tampon is TMI?

  8. pax Says:

    TomcatTCH has it right. But that only works if you have good gear. If you insist in carrying in a crappy holster, all your choices become crappy … and so might your gun, if you’re not careful in the restroom. 😉

  9. Bryan S. Says:

    I think the issue with just dropping your trousers is that it leaves it within grabbing reach of those with “wide stances” or nefarious intent.

  10. ATLien Says:

    I think it’s a stupidly written story. First off, a gun didn’t kill anyone. That man killed himself. Secondly, what does “suburban” have to do with anything? Suburbs are evil and warp the minds of men?

  11. rickn8or Says:

    Aviation people solved this problem years ago: Checklists.

    Post dump:

    Stand up, button up, zip up, belt up.
    Pat down: Wallet, car keys, phone, in pocket, not commode; weapon in holster, secured.
    Face the world again.

    “Testicles, spectacles, watch and wallet”

  12. breda Says:

    rickn8or – Bingo, mindfulness.

  13. MrSatyre Says:

    It’s pretty difficult to tuck a shirt in when you have a heavy gun on one side and ammo on the other side pulling opposite sides of your trousers down.

  14. Disavowed With Honor Says:

    Put it in your underwear. I promise you won’t forget it.

    Disavowed With Honor

  15. Jerry Says:

    As a ‘back-pew’ Baptist, I may be wrong on this. But, isn’t it spectacles, testicles, wallet, then watch? Just asking. Now, where did I put that tampon…..

  16. pdb Says:

    Everybody’s got a plan until their heater ends up in the turd bowl.

  17. HardCorp Says:

    You can just let it flop between your feet if you have a stiff holster.

  18. rickn8or Says:

    Jerry, you really ARE a Baptist aren’t you??

    “Mine is the TRUE version you heretic!”

    There. I feel better now.

  19. Double A.D. Says:

    “You can just let it flop between your feet if you have a stiff holster”.

    Nobody likes a braggart.

  20. Marcus Says:

    In my office, I am forbidden from carrying. I do anyway. The stall walls in the restrooms do not go low enough to provide concealment of what is in my pants from those who walk into the room. (I carry on my right hip, the right-side of the stalls faces the door. Anyone walking in can see clear under most of the stalls very easily.) For the sake of my job, I must remove it from the quality IWB holster I use. As Disavowed said, put it in your underwear, you won’t forget it. I do this several times a week. I take every necessary precaution, including decocking the striker (Walther P99) prior to removing from holster. This leaves no room for error. The restroom is also frequently enough empty that it’s no issue for me to wait until I am alone prior to picking up the piece and retrieving my trousers from around my ankles. Some common sense, following the 4 rules, and being clear-minded is all it takes to do this safely.

  21. Jim Scrummy Says:

    I sometimes think TTAG is in their “jump the shark” moment?

  22. ern Says:

    Spectacles, testicles, watch, wallet–at least for those of us who wear a watch on our left wrist and keep our wallet in our right back pocket, though the traditional order of the last two is usually reversed (wallets were often carried in the left breast pocket, and watches in the right pocket). Entirely TMI of a different sort, I suppose.

  23. Stan Says:

    One thing I noticed was a complete lack of any statement about how the officer would be disciplined or any internal affairs investigation that had or would be performed. Shocking I know.