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Gun Control In The Debate

Obama offered gun control talking points including wanting to ban the most popular sporting rifle in the country. Romney displayed an understanding of current gun laws, that machine gun are banned. Brings up fast and furious only to be interrupted by the moderator.

Update: So, Romney gets interrupted on guns for talking about fast and furious. But Obama can yammer on about nothing but NRA endorsements and nothing. But when he finally goes around his ass to get to his elbows about teachers growing the economy, that finally warrants moderator intervention.

10 Responses to “Gun Control In The Debate”

  1. Smince Says:

    Gun stores will be busy tomorrow, just because they talked about it.

  2. Knob Creeker Says:

    Gun stores & even places like Walmart will be cleaned out of all sporting rifles styled after military firearms in the next few days. Good luck finding ammo (308, 223, 7.62×39, 22lr, etc), mags, drums, folding stocks (shoulder things that go up,or is that a barrel shroud?), flash hiders & all the other chunks of metal that they think makes firearms more frightening.

  3. liquidflorian Says:

    Candy gave him 9% more time them Romney, I think most of it came from freebee rejoinders like that.

  4. Michael Says:

    The worst part of Crowleys interruption is that she was factually incorrect. The question was about “assault rifles”, Crowley tried to shift that to being about the AWB instead of F&F, however, the weapons involved in F&F were the types of weapons covered in the AWB, so Romney was exactly on point.

  5. Linoge Says:

    Except for one small detail – “machine guns” are not banned.

    They may be damned close, and given wear and tear on the existing inventory, they will be at some point in the future, but not quite yet.

  6. spud Says:

    The liberals want to ban those so called ” Sporting Rifles ” because they fear for their Poodles being shot with them lol

  7. comatus Says:

    Spud, heh. No, their Poodle is protected by the Secret Service, and it’s against the law to threaten him.

    When all NCAA national championship teams were invited to the WH, TCU rifle was inadvertently included. Our President was unaware that rifle was a sport, despite there being a range downstairs at his exclusive private high school in Hawaii, and covered for this in the blase small-talk by telling the team that he regularly trains with the SS in Quantico. They were suitably…impressed. Luckily, being Texans, they were already wearing high boots.

    Can’t imagine why he didn’t mention his training background in the debate. Instant street cred.

  8. Bubblehead Les Says:

    So Obama said on the TeeWee he supports an AWB. So what would it take to get one? Let’s see. A) Obama gets Re-elected. B) Republicans lose the House. C) Dems retain the Senate, plus don’t forget Crazy Uncle Joe gets to Vote in case of a Tie. D) And for the Long Term, if a Conservative Supreme Court Justice dies or retires during an Obama Second Term with the Dems in charge of the Senate, then Barry has a Rubber Stamp on all Legislation.

    If Romney gets Elected, even if B,C,D come to fruition, I don’t think Mitt would “roll over” w/o a Veto being tossed into the works, unless he wants to be a “One Term Wonder.” And Ryan gets the Tie Breaker in the Senate, of course.

    So the fork in the road lies in Romney getting elected and/or the Repubs keeping the House vs. Barry appeasing the Base, IF he can get the House.

    So it’s looking like the most important Political “Thin Blue Line” is going to be if Bahner can keep the House for 2 terms.


  9. Patrick Says:

    AWB talk could help us post-election if the Senate stays under Harry Reid. Without Obama to protect, Reid and other middling-gun-right Dems can use the AWB talk as cover to let pro-gun bills through (reciprocity). Because at that point, assuming the election is tight, the NRA will have claimed that Obama lost because of guns. They will have an argument for it, too: if the number of “gun people” who voted exceeds the Obama loss margin, they will have made a point.

    Basically, if the election swings to Romney and stays tight, the NRA is going to be able to claim that gun issues had a big hand in ending the Democratic Presidency. That will become yet another legend, like birthing Gingrich after the Clinton Ban, and Senate Dems will have to look at their next election in 2016 when they decide if they want to block a pro-gun bill. Especially Reid. He cannot count on another dim-witted opponent in 2016.

    This applies to Romney, as well. The chances he goes against us is going to be almost nil. The 2A people in the Congress know this. Even Boehner is going to be lucky to hold his leadership position with better contenders on the horizon. He will need to make some serious deals to get reelected House Speaker by the Republican base.

    In short, Obama’s talk of an AWB means a tight win for Romney would be a great thing. It’ll restock the NRA/gun-rights legislative cannon for a few more years. We can claim we decided a monumental election (even if not exactly true…but perception is more true than reality in DC).

  10. Gullyborg Says:

    Poodle shooting? Obama is all for that. They fry up real good, and are excellent barbequed!

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