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Security Guard Outdraws Robbers

This guy looks like a shooter:

21 Responses to “Security Guard Outdraws Robbers”

  1. Robby Says:

    Does internet cafe mean video poker room?

  2. paul B Says:

    But, he shot Black people in Florida and the cops liked it?


  3. PT Says:



  4. Critter Says:

    i like how he takes up cover.

  5. TIM Says:

    Very Nice.Very Good Movement On His Part Although Doesn’t Look Like He Needed That Tactic They Retreated Pretty Damn Fast.

  6. Broken Andy Says:

    What Robby said. Who uses a real Internet cafe? And why would one need an armed security guard?

  7. spud Says:

    That “Internet Cafe” is in a rough section of town. Mostly blacks live in that area. Sure glad that I live bout five miles from there…

  8. MSgt B Says:

    Very professional.

    Good movement, good stance, straight out of a textbook.

  9. Ferret Says:


    These places are all over Florida and they cater mostly to the retired folks. They’re technically an “internet cafe”, but basically they provide access to offshore gambling web sites. A lot of their business is done in cash, making them an attractive target.

    This is similar to a recent incident in the same kind of establishment in Ocala where the would-be robbers were sent scrambling out the front door in a hail of gunfire from one of the patrons.

  10. Joel Says:

    why would one need an armed security guard?

    This one apparently did.

  11. comatus Says:

    You may feel a disturbance in the Force, as mall-ninjas all morph into “Internet Cafe Guards” as one…

  12. ExurbanKevin Says:

    “Who uses a real Internet cafe? And why would one need an armed security guard?”

    There’s a quirk in Florida law that turns internet cafes into small localized casinos, hence the recent spate of robberies.

    Oh, and that “… rough section of town. Mostly blacks live in that area.” comment? Not appreciated.

  13. Gladorn Says:

    He did what he had to do. Keep calm, move, and shoot. There was not much in cover available to him. (I don’t think that desk would have stopped any rounds, as particle board is not known for it’s defensive properties.)

    To that security officer: My hat’s off to you, good sir! You can have my back any time, and I’ll watch yours too.

  14. nk Says:

    The truth is the truth, ExUrbanKevin. For one simple reason: The no-snitch rule. Crimes in white neighborhoods are solved because witnesses come forward. Crimes in black neighborhoods go unsolved because people are afraid to talk to the police even about crimes to their ownselves and to their own loved ones. So the goons get away with, and keep on getting away with it, and keep on doing it. Latest statistics I’ve read is that black people are more than 90% of the victims of murder and rape. It’s not racist to talk black reality.

  15. nk Says:

    I believe that business owner and that guard would have protected black patrons as readily as white patrons.

  16. comatus Says:

    Maybe it was *tactical* particle board.

  17. Patrick Says:

    Wow. Great composure and shooting discipline. This is someone who knows his gun and knows how to use it. He’s done this 100 times at the range, at least.

    Instant identification of the threat. Fast draw. Always moving to minimize his chances of getting a hit but maintains control of each shot.

    This is what every training class – LEO, military and civilian – is going to be showing over the next few years.

    I loved the Melbourne PD spokesman. Basically, you can see his amazement. He was impressed.

  18. xpo172 Says:

    “drops his gun, loses his shoes and crawls out”
    Gotta love shooting the guy out of his shoes.

  19. Will Says:

    Well, someone has to say it: Needs to improve his targeting. All the BG’s made it out the door.

    Hard to tell, but it appears that he is not using the sights, but is point shooting. Looks as though the gun is being held below his eye level. This will give you hits, but not accurate ones at that range. He is indexing the gun, not aiming.

    That desk of his should be moved over to the wall, to eliminate that walkway to his left. He had to move to continue shooting as they scrambled along it, due to his desk area getting in his way and providing them some concealment. They nearly got him flanked by movement. That possibility needs to be eliminated.

  20. Patrick Says:

    @Will: Targeting was fine. He stopped the threat. End of story.

  21. Adam Says:

    @Will: I suppose you would have pulled your super tactical HK Mark 23 combat low drag high speed assault hand gun and ended the threat with 3 head shots, Tom Clancy DEVGRU/DELTA/NINJA/ASSASSIN/ALPHA TEAM operator style.

    @Patrick: Amen.

    Threat ID, stance, lateral movement, etc all fantastic. We would all be lucky if all security guards and LEOs performed in like manner in that situation.

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