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Bronies: ruining cool things.


9 Responses to “Bronies: ruining cool things.”

  1. Miguel Says:

    The Bronie Death Squad will come after you. Wear your Magical Rainbow Proof vest.

  2. John Farrier Says:

    Uncle is a purist. He doesn’t like anything mixing with his MLP.

  3. Michael Hawkins Says:

    This isn’t that bad, really. Did you know about the MLP series of fleshlights?

    Not sure if SWF

  4. Ellen Says:

    I look forward to seeing Arthur as a pegasus.

  5. noflashbang Says:

    I will direct your attention to rule 34.2 of the internet: There are ponies of it, no exceptions.

    Get use to having things “ruined” uncle. 😉

  6. Linoge Says:

    The more I see come out of that community, the less interested I am in trying to figure it out.

  7. Jon Says:

    It’s a blight on civilization. I’m with Linoge – just ignore it.

  8. Bearfoot Says:

    It’s so cute the way you guys think that this is a blight.. it’s a fucking TV show. I’m playing a video from breaking bad where the lead character kills a guy by choking him with a bike chain.. how is that worse?

    I understand that y’all are macho gun owners, but last I checked we had the ability to turn off what we didn’t like and watch what we did. It works both ways.

    Go ahead, call me liberal scum. Tell me I’m goign to ruin the world. Attack me personally, prove to me that I have a point.

    TL:DR? I see the motto up under the ad there…

  9. John Farrier Says:

    Relax, Bearfoot. Uncle means it in jest.

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