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Note to Stephen King

So, you want to be taxed more. You know, the Treasury accepts donations right? Break out the checkbook. Or quit bitching.

7 Responses to “Note to Stephen King”

  1. Jack Says:

    It’s like a shopkeep who wants to make it illegal for grocery stores to sell beer but won’t pull his own stock off the shelves.

    Of course the same reasons are used for both:

    1) My contribution is only part of a much larger problem so me not selling beer won’t make a difference but everyone not selling will.

    2) But I really want to stop, and I’ll happily comply once the law is passed.

    3) If I do it and others don’t I’ll be at an unfair disadvantage because they’ll be getting more than me.

    4) It’s not about what people want to do, it’s about what is fair and we need the State to force the issue.

    5) There’s no point in me voluntarily acting because it’s not about convincing people, it’s about forcing them.

  2. John A Says:

    “Gosh, I should pay more but won’t.”

    He objects that the Koch brothers claim deductions for charitable deductions, while praising himself and Warren Buffet for making donations – and presumably taking the deductions.

    Yeah, he is correct that not many [who can afford a good accountant and lawyer] will pay more than they have to – and since that includes him his answer is to change the law to make him pay more.

    Some pay too little, some pay too much, fixing that is not easy.

  3. Jack Says:

    Well on the point John, if you think you pay too little that’s *very* easy to fix.

    If you think *other* people don’t then that’s a bit harder.

    But if one agitates for the latter without first taking the easier former step then that’s exceedingly telling.

  4. Kristopher Says:

    Looks like King edited his post.

    All this talk about him writing a check to the treasury is just making him angry. He won’t be happy unless he can force everyone to write a check.

  5. RobinGoodfellow Says:

    I love it how these folks who make millions each year have enough that they could afford to give a little more–but they don’t. They want to force everyone else to give more.

    Typical liberal. Shut up and write your own check. And leave my money alone, thanks.

  6. Laughingdog Says:

    He doesn’t appear to complain that they donate and take deductions as much as he’s complaining that they donate TO THE WRONG THINGS. The bastards. How dare they not donate to causes they don’t believe in.

  7. Jack Says:

    I just love the delicious hubris at work here.

    King could defuse this by writing a check (or saying he’ll write a check) then turning around and going “Okay I did my part, now what about you?” or “See I’m only making ‘the rich’ do what I’ve done myself.”

    But no, he can’t do that. To him paying more taxes is only moral if he’s forced to do it.

    Thus he’s angry at the *gall* of these strangers and agitators demanding that he give up more of his hard earned money.

    Mmmmmm Mmm.