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All gun owners are guilty

So says a fringe err prominent anti-gun group.

I kid. There aren’t any prominent ones.

2 Responses to “All gun owners are guilty”

  1. mikee Says:

    I plan on being guilty, too, but only if necessary.

    Preparing mentally for post-shooting guilt, what has been called the Mark of Cain, the personal angst felt at hurting another person even though justified in self defense, is something strongly recommended by writers such as Ayoob and Cooper, and taught by both CHL instructors I have had.

    Preparing mentally for the emotions felt after a self defense shooting includes telling yourself that your only words to the police should be, “I was in fear for my life, and I want to speak to my lawyer.” Despite wanting to justify your actions to authority by spilling your guts and your guilt over the action the violent criminal forced you to take.

    The guilt includes knowing that everyone looking at you after a defensive shooting sees a monster, in your opinion. This is likely your own guilt, not the reality of the situation, despite the opinion of the CSGV.

    The guilt includes knowing beforehand that after an emotionally traumatic and physically violent act, even if you remain unhurt, your sleep will be disrupted, your daily environment will feel compromised and wrong, your work may suffer and your lawyer fees will be large.

    So yes, CSGV is sort of right about all defensive gun users being guilty. Guilt comes with the territory, when a decent person has to perform a violent action. Better guilty feeling than being injured or dead.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    My Friends in AA have a simple slogan: Screw Guilt.

    Works for me.