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The narrative just tanked

Turns out Zimmerman was raised in a bi-racial family and he’s black. Well, slightly less black than Obama. With racial divisions being less black and white (heh), I wonder how the press will deal.

13 Responses to “The narrative just tanked”

  1. SteveG Says:

    Deal with what?

  2. wizardpc Says:

    Duh. They’ll ignore it.

  3. Nylarthotep Says:

    We all know exactly how the MSM will deal. It doesn’t fit their narrative so it will be ignored. If that fails they’ll find some other way to make that information of no relevance. Not sure how they’d do that, but I’m certain we’ll find out.

  4. SteveG Says:

    OK for some reason that didn’t work I meant to say: Lame_Stream_Media: “Deal with what?”


  5. Alan Says:

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  6. Oliver Perry Says:

    George Zimmerman=Tom Robinson?

  7. DirtCrashr Says:

    So if Obama had a boy-kid he’d just as likely look like Zimmerman than Trayvon…

  8. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Actually, this will be VERY interesting. Remember a couple of weeks ago when Eric Holder stood in front of Al Sharpton and a bunch of other Professional Racists and said the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division will be investigating whether any “Hate Crimes” took place? Imagine the scene in the Federal Court House when Zimmerman’s Defense team puts up Family Trees of Zimmerman, Tiger Woods and Barack Hussein Obama. Then they point out the Federal Laws saying who “Qualifies” as a Legally Protected Minority and who doesn’t. Then they ask one simple Question: “In light of the Racial Slurs that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others have used against JEWS, why is the Government engaged in Anti-Semitism against my client?”

    That’s how I’d do it.

  9. comatus Says:

    They needed an arrest to begin the Big Tobacco-style lawsuit against standing one’s ground. They got the arrest, and they’re done with Zimmerman. He’s as good as free to go. Insurance companies, NRA, and gunmakers will be the next defendants of record.

    I know this is not a SYG case. You know it. But NBC and ABC will go to the knacker’s yard before they admit it.

  10. Charlie Foxtrot Says:

    I’ve noticed the narrative moving to focus on the gun, concealed carry, and the “lax” stand your ground laws. It seems it’s now their fault that Zimmerman felt confident in overacting, putting himself in jeopardy, challenging Martin, and then responding with deadly force; according to the spin. “It’s the gun’s fault!”

    BTW, Martin’s family, and racial industrialists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are in LA tonight for a big rally and march.

    Facts certainly don’t matter to them.

  11. Manish Says:

    Please..his great-grandfather was black. Hitler was part Jewish but that doesn’t somehow make him not anti-Semitic.

  12. John Smith. Says:

    Interesting Mannish… Because hitler was part jewish and killed jews; zimmerman must be trying to kill blacks because he is part black… Are you fucking stupid?

  13. SGB Says:

    Like I said early on this was about trying to get at guns, not Martin/ Zimmerman