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In TSA news

TSA officer nabbed in child porn sting

TSA admits the nude scanners are worthless

2 Responses to “In TSA news”

  1. Weer'd Beard Says:

    I think we all know why contestant #1 signed up. Time in the scanning booth as the kids go through (wonder if they’re private enough for a quick wank?)

    And “Random” hands-on screening of the choicest travelers.

    I would LOVE to hope that this nightmare will soon be over, but I still think the majority of people have been raised to give anybody with a badge and a uniform carte blanche for authority.

    Be it Officer Friendly politely asking to search your car without cause, or demanding that EVERY car stop at a checkpoint because SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE might be a bit besotted.

    Or the Mall cop, or the Goons at TSA.

    the 4th Amendment doesn’t mean much to them, and frighteningly the fact that TSA has stopped NOTHING, and lets countless contraband through every day means even less…

  2. Barron Barnett Says:

    Thanks for the link Unc.

    The thing that disturbs me the most about another TSA agent being busted is the fact it doesn’t surprise me anymore. I used to be surprised but it’s now one of those things I’ve just grown to expect. That fact makes me more depressed than anything.

    @Weer’d you’re right. A lot of people seem to think the only time you would exercise your 4th amendment rights is if you have something to hide. It makes me upset when I hear who cares if you have nothing to hide. One girl argued with Janelle saying the pat-downs and searches are like going to the doctor for a physical. Umm, I don’t think so sparky. I don’t know the way out though.