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The ten worst built cars for 2012

A list. It is interesting that the makers of eight of those ten cars are made by companies who should no longer be in business. But you got to pay for them.

21 Responses to “The ten worst built cars for 2012”

  1. Rustmeister Says:

    Oh, they’d have still been in business, but under a drastically altered (unionless) business plan.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Yeah, I just love seeing my Federal Tax Dollars at Work. And the other 2 Losers? Speciality Mutants that few people will ever Own, let alone Drive.

  3. MHinGA Says:

    The fact that the Volt is not on the list, but virtually all of the vehicles are trucks/SUVs tells you that C. Reports, as usual, has grossly skewed values that infect its ratings.

  4. MikeD Says:

    I like how they added the Wrangler to this list for having a harsh on road ride. No kidding… People aren’t buying Wranglers for their on-road performance, anyone that calls a Wrangler bad for that simply doesn’t get the idea of a Wrangler.

  5. BalloonGoesUp Says:

    My Jeep made the list! Yeah it is expensive for want it is, but it holds it’s value and does what it claims to do. Rough ride, wind noise et cetera? Yep it is a Jeep

  6. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    Its a Consumer Reports list so its made up almost entirely of trucks and SUVs. Why because trucks and SUVs don’t ride or handle like a typical honda accord or toyota camry.

  7. RWC Says:

    Love that the ForTwo takes Premium gas. At least it is easy to park so you can get the hell out of it quicker.

  8. JD Rush Says:

    Wow, an 8 year old truck design? I’ve always found that to be a feature, not a bug- parts are available to fix it, either at the dealer or yourself. I learned the hard way, buying a first year truck can leave you with a turkey until parts supply catches up.

  9. mmasse Says:

    Surprised that the FJ cruiser is on that list. The thing is a beast off-road so yeah the noise of the knobbies are going to loud.

  10. Bryan S. Says:

    Look for the union label! (hint, it starts at the price tag)

  11. That Guy Says:

    So, they complain about the on-road manners of the Wrangler, Liberty, FJ Cruiser (which I currently own and love), Dodge 3/4 ton, and other 4×4 and truck models.

    That’s like complaining about the off-road capabilities of a Corvette.

    “It handles like a truck!” Well, that’s because it IS a truck, you mouth-breating moron!

  12. Sebastian not the blogger Says:

    Yeah, it’s the union’s fault, which is why Ford didn’t have a vehicle on the list and took bailout money.


  13. comatus Says:

    This is not a joke, you can look it up: Consumer Reports is a communist front group, and has been since the 1950’s. I don’t (necessarily) disagree with your argument, but you’ll never get anywhere allying yourself with these people.

  14. karrde Says:

    Strange note.

    The article says that the improvement since the 1970s is a great deal, but that some cars didn’t improve enough to get a better score.

  15. Bram Says:

    I know lots of people with Jeeps – none of which have ever left a paved road. I shopped for a SUV a couple of years ago. Some handled like real crap (Jeeps), some drove as well as most cars (Mazdas, Toyota Highlander).

  16. Bram Says:

    The Tahoe and Escalade are the same vehicle except for the bling.

  17. TIM Says:

    Is Consumer Reports run by Japan.What gives only one import made the list.

  18. LKP Says:

    The Smart42 costs almost as much as my 2010 Mazda 3 I Sport (the base model with 5 speed auto) and only gets slightly better gas mileage. I average 29.3 city and 34.8 highway. I call the Smart42 a self-propelled coffin.

  19. CribbageGuy Says:

    My beloved FJ makes the list. When we get three feet of snow up here, or a tree needs pulling out of the woods, it works just fine. Tows a full trailer of logs. Gets 20mpg consistently on low grade gas. Full of character with great ground clearance. Yet we’ve driven across country in it enjoying a smooth, quiet ride. Sure there’s some beefy pillars blocking some views, but I have neck for that.

  20. CaptainVictory Says:

    Can’t believe the FJ is on the list. I own one and plan to keep it until I die. Not only is the thing bulletproof, but it’s incredibly reliable, stupid comfortable, and has amenities that other off-road vehicles have never even thought of. The pillars do create blind spots, but then again I’d feel very safe in a rollover.

    I also own a Mercedes R350. How that POS didn’t make it onto the list is a mystery. EVERYTHING on that car is brittle. Ours has literally spent months in the shop for various issues. In fact, it’s in the shop now because the tone wheel came loose from the balance shaft. The fix? Remove engine, split it in two, reattach the tonewheel, reassemble. $6000. Thank goodness for extended warranties.

  21. Heartless Libertarian Says:

    Random thought, but I wonder if GM might have been able to improve some of it’s vehicles on the list (oh, and the GMC Yukon is also the same as the Escalade/Tahoe clones) if they hadn’t sunk such a big pile of resources into the Volt to make the enviro-freaks in the Obama administration happy.