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A victory in MD

May (or may not) issue permits struck down.

Excellent work, Mr. Gura.

9 Responses to “A victory in MD”

  1. SGB Says:

    Bravo again.

  2. mikee Says:

    On my “Why I Hated Living In MD” list, that is one item down and about 999,999 to go.

    I thank God daily I no longer live there, and if you don’t live there, you should too (offer void in NY, NJ, MA).

  3. DirtCrashr Says:

    California next???

  4. Sebastian Noblog Says:

    Err…what? How did I miss this?


  5. j t bolt Says:


  6. Robert Says:

    Totally awesome.

  7. FightinBluHen51 Says:

    It has made my day, that’s for damned sure.

    The only question is…appeal to 4th circuit? Or do they just go cry huddled in the corner?

    Can’t wait to exercise my RESTORED rights here in the “free” state.

    Thanks Uncle, hopefully I won’t be part of your “live free, or there” series any more.

  8. treefroggy Says:

    Does this mean I get my application fees back for my denied permit ? Governor Martin “O’Moron” O’Malley
    will not go lightly into this good-night. We can expect a D.C.ish foot dragging on every aspect of reform.

  9. Bryan S. Says:

    Hmmm.. wonder if non-resident permits will go easier. Too bad you still have to put out a decent bit of cash for a right.

    Look at the application stipulations: