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Movie Review Haiku

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil:

Stupid college kids
Hillbillies are people too
This vacation sucks

Seriously, one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while. I recommend it.

10 Responses to “Movie Review Haiku”

  1. wfgodbold Says:

    It’s on Netflix streaming, too. I think I’ve watched it twice in the last week, and it’s still hilarious.

  2. Alan Says:

    That was a hilarious movie.

  3. Phelps Says:

    Better than any blockbuster I’ve seen in the past five years.

  4. Chris Says:

    “We have your friend”

  5. Ellen Says:

    The only slasheroid movie I’ve watched was “Girlfriend from Hell”. That one got a bye because it had nuns with bazookas.

  6. Pop N Fresh Says:

    actually watched this on netflix last weekend, awesome

  7. Jeff Says:

    This alternative title for this film could have Tucker and Dale: Why are Liberals so Violent?

  8. Brad Says:

    “I should have known if a guy like me talked to a girl like you, somebody would end up dead. ”

    Too too funny!

  9. Gnarly Sheen Says:

    I was so excited when I first saw the trailer for that movie, and ecstatic when the movie itself didn’t disappoint.

    Tangentially related, that Alan Tudyk guy has some impressive acting chops. Tucker and Dale, Firefly, Dollhouse, Transformers, he’s been great in every role I’ve seen him in.

  10. Chris L. Says: