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Brand Loyalty

Does it matter? Increasingly, it seems not.

2 Responses to “Brand Loyalty”

  1. Mike V. Says:

    “The H&R Pardner is imported from China by a company named Qiqihar Hawk Industries, which is owned by NORINCO. So follow the bouncing ball—NORINCO, prohibited from importing shotguns into the United States by the 2003 G.W. Bush sanctions, produces its “Type 981” shotgun for Hawk Industries, which brands them as Harrington and Richardson “Pardners”, making sure NORINCO isn’t stamped anywhere on them, and sends them over here to be sold by the Freedom Group. Freedom Group then undercuts is own subsidiary company, Remington, by 50% on the final price of a nearly identical gun made in China instead of the USA.” As discussed in another post, nothing Freedom Group does would suprise me.

  2. comatus Says:

    [Sigh] and that is how brand loyalty has made monkeys of us all. Time was, men, no, families spent their whole careers building up a brand. It was a thing to be valued through the ages. And then came the recent MBA’s and their “branding” movement, thinking about everything in a whole new! way. A cheaper, tawdrier, fiscal-quarter way, feasting at the knacker’s yard.