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On the cheap

Guns for broke ass guys

5 Responses to “On the cheap”

  1. Jim S Says:

    I love how they stick solely to new production firearms. It is like they want to sell them or something. I’d definitely look into the used market too.

    But on top of that, the surplus market has plenty of firearms for a reasonable price. Mosin-Nagant? $80.00. Cheap practice ammo? Plentiful. Small box of PPU soft points? Check.

    Same could be said about a lot of the Enfields and other great rifles.

    Even pistols can be found in “normal calibers.” But who doesn’t want a 9×18 or 7.62×25?

  2. John Smith. Says:

    Sounds like saturday night specials to me…

  3. Mike Branson Says:

    I’m the guy that wrote the article. Of course I’m going to point to new guns, this is my job! A blog article suggesting “go to the Arfcom equipment exchange and totally rip off that guy going through a divorce right now” probably wouldn’t have made it through the editing process.

    I always try to find firearms and items that I think are honestly a good value. That’s why I chose the S&W SD over the Sigma. We sell a boatload of Sigmas based on their pricing alone, so it would have been easy to pimp a sub-$300 .40 cal with the S&W name on it. But the SD series is a better value, so I went with that. I don’t think any of the guns I talked about qualify as Saturday Night Specials, although we do carry some that do and I could have written about them if price was my only criteria. We sell Cobra .380s for $105, to me that’s a Saturday Night Special.

    The article is intended as a lighthearted cheer-you-up, but its written in response to a serious concern of mine. Ordinary Americans are getting REAL sick and tired of being broke all the time. There is some real anger out there from ambitious 20-somethings who thought they would be collecting Colt 6920s once they got out of college, and now are stuck with shooting corrosive milsurp through their Mosin 91/30s.

    I hope you guys like my articles, I sure have fun writing them. Thanks for the link, Uncle!

  4. phenicks Says:

    Why not hi-point? Yes UGLY, but shoot and are cheap. I have not heard any one complain about is function, only poo-poo its form and style. The S&W is a better gun, but if your eating rice and beans and need protection, it’ll do the job.

  5. nk Says:

    I, for one, appreciated the article very much. Especially the Cimarron .22. I can’t remember if it was H&R or High Standard who made one with a swing out cylinder when I was a kid.