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Make your own Sriracha sauce

I love cock sauce. Wait, what?

I love the stuff. It’s flavorful and goes with everything from chicken nuggets to pizza. I decided to try my hand at making my own based loosely on this DIY recipe. First, you’ll need a pound of Thai chilies:

From Cock Sauce

Up next, I removed the green ones because, well, Sriracha is red, right? This will come up again later. After, I assembled the ingredients, which are 3 table spoons of minced garlic (forgot to buy fresh), 1/3rd cup of rice wine vinegar, salt to taste, and a couple table spoons of oyster sauce. Adult beverage in a kitty cup optional but recommended:

From Cock Sauce

Next, cut off the stems:

From Cock Sauce

Turn on the stove and add a bit of oil to a sauce pan while you mix the ingredients that aren’t chilies in a bowl:

From Cock Sauce

Add peppers to sauce pan and cook for a minute or two on medium heat then add mixture:

From Cock Sauce

Cook for a few minutes, just enough to make the chilies tender. Allow to cool for a bit. Then put that concoction in a blender and hit frappé:

From Cock Sauce

Place contents into jar or bottle or whatever and allow to sit for about an hour:

From Cock Sauce

Put a lid on it and keep it in the fridge. A few notes:

I took out the green chilies trying to preserve color. That was a waste of time since it turned out orange anyway. No matter, it’s still delicious and better than the store bought kind. Next time, I’ll just include the green ones.

Do all of your cooking and prep with stain resistant kitchen tools (i.e., steel or glass). The peppers will stain.

Do not touch your face while chopping chilies and make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after. And do not go and, uhm, relieve yourself without washing hands first.

12 Responses to “Make your own Sriracha sauce”

  1. Skullz Says:

    I did this myself this year – I grew the chilies in my garden – and they are screaming HOT!

    You’re fortunate to be able to cook that stuff in your kitchen. I did Hungarian Wax Peppers and oil last year and my family had to leave the house. Now all hot pepper cooking has been relegated to outside. But I did get a really cool outdoor stove and double cooker setup.

    I also made a smoked hot pepper mix with Ghost, Thai, Jalapeno, Habanero, and Cherry peppers. Remove stems, dehydrate, crush, smoke, and store.

  2. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    I did that relieving myself thing after chopping some serrano peppers once. Wound up in a tub of cold water.

  3. A Horse Thief Says:

    I generally wear nitrile gloves when messing with hot chilies. It avoids all the, “Oh crap didn’t wash my hands enough, ow ow ow” nonsense.

  4. ExUrbanKevin Says:

    And do not go and, uhm, relieve yourself without washing hands first.


  5. junyo Says:

    +10 on gloves. Nothing good comes from uncontrolled pepper juice.

    Growing ghost peppers next season. Wonder what a couple of those would do in a sriracha sauce.

  6. fucema Says:

    I hadn’t even gotten halfway through this article and my mouth started salivating.

    I love rooster hot sauce.

  7. fucema Says:

    ^ Note to Uncle: my strategic use of rooster and hot (haha cocks haha).

  8. Dr. Feelgood Says:

    Mrs. Feelgood once inadvertently touched her eye while mincing habañero chiles for a chicken soup. It took an entire gallon of 2% milk and twenty minutes of sobbing in the bathtub before she was able to walk again. She still gives them a dirty look every time we pass them in the grocery store.

    Now I keep latex gloves in the pantry for such procedures.

  9. Dave Says:

    Ah, yes, my favorite sauce.

    For those needing an explanation on the magical properties of this most awesome of awesome sauces, this comic does an exceptional job:

    “Napalming the Jungle” 🙂

    And yes, gloves, always gloves.

  10. Heather Says:

    In the advent of unintended chili-burn on various mentionable and unmentionable places, lemon juice is kinda magic.

  11. LakeBound Says:

    You said “Cock Sauce”.

  12. HL Says:

    Why were you making this stuff on your gun-smithing bench?

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