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The Rules

Some pretty fascinating stats about government regulation, including:

regulations on new business rose to 3,573 final rules in 2010, up from 3,503 in 2009 — the equivalent of about 10 per week.

the 2010 volume of the Federal Register, the “newspaper” of regulatory agencies, stands at an all-time record-high 81,405 pages

And, of course, 180M words of binding federal law. Not sure about that since, recently, lawyers and academics gave up on trying to count them. Just counting them. Not reading them. Counting.

4 Responses to “The Rules”

  1. Dave Says:

    Today’s federal register:\%2F3&isCollapsed=false&leafLevelBrowse=false&ycord=0

    Every day is like this. In fact, most days have more entries.

  2. Mu Says:

    70 new rules in a year, 52 weeks in a year = 10 per week? FoxNews needs to buy a calculator or send their editor back to 3rd grade math.

  3. Chas Says:

    The political left in America wants even more regulation. Lots more. Lots and lots more.

  4. divemedic Says:

    Since ignorance of the law is no excuse, you are responsible for knowing and complying with each and every one of those regulations.

    There are almost 40,000 pages to the United States Code, which takes up 6 linear feet of shelf space. There is another 25 linear feet that make up the code of Federal Regulations. In addition, there are tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of court cases that define and modify all of the laws above. You can be held accountable for every one of them.

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