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You’re all a big bunch of meanies!

That pretty much sums up the government’s reaction to the debt deal and the S&P downgrade. You see, S&P is evil, sucks at math, and was involved in making money a bit back.

And you damn terrorist tea-partiers holding guns to people’s heads and snubbing your noses at Keynesian economic principles!

And dammit they took Joanie Loves Chachi off the air right when it got good.

The good news is we’re almost to the point where the hissy fit stops and the crybaby takes their ball and goes home.

Well, I hope.

13 Responses to “You’re all a big bunch of meanies!”

  1. Pat in Michigan on the iPod Says:

    Feel better? 😉

  2. Sebastiano Wino Says:

    People still listen to S&P?

  3. guffaw Says:

    (Not related at all to the subject matter)

    Joanie Loves Chachi used to be the number one
    show in South Korea.
    Chachi in Korean mean penis.

  4. Nylarthotep Says:

    Hmm. S&P are questionable in a lot of ways. They rated the securitized toxic mortgages as AAA even though they were hugely risky. They failed to downgrade Enron until a week before they caved in. And Fannie Mae was very highly rated up until a month before they were a major factor in the housing crash debacle.

    Obviously I’m simplifying, but when you make your money from the people that you are rating, it seems to me you have a bit of a conflict of interest. (But of course, that was okey dokey with the government at the time so everything comes full circle.)

  5. SayUncle Says:

    Looks to me like they err more on the side of not downgrading. So, when they do, I’ll worry.

  6. DirtCrashr Says:

    God I hope. Burt S&P just does what they are told to do – wait until the Admin rewards them with kisses. Today they play the fool and get the bricks thrown at them, tomorrow it’s the big chachi

  7. Jake Says:

    Uncle beat me to it. But yeah, that’s a pretty consistent track record, and it makes the current downgrade even more worrying.

  8. MattW Says:

    S&P may be “questionable” but not anymore so than Moody’s or Fitch. It is possible S&P is correcting for their bad judgment around the mortgage crash and actually taking action this time while the other two are just business as usual.

  9. wildbill Says:

    Shouldn’t it be spelled “Kenyanesian” economics?

  10. Chas Says:

    That “New Tone Graphic” is great. It’s a saver. They’re going to regret saying all that nasty stuff during the election, when they’re down and they need every vote they can scrounge up.
    Their extremist rhetoric against the Tea Party is outrageous. People who peacefully participate in the political process are not terrorists. Let me say that again, since important things are worth repeating: Peaceful participation is not terrorism.
    This is an administration that won’t call terrorists, terrorists, but they have no problem slapping that label on the American middle class, which kinda lets ya know who they really regard as being the enemy.
    Hint: It’s not the jihadis, with whom they share an anti-American agenda. It’s the people who want America to succeed with whom they have a problem and with whom they do not share an agenda.
    If we’re terrorists, then shoot us, or shut up and stop making fools of yourselves!

  11. Jay Says:

    S&P does what’s best for S&P. This should be viewed in that light.

  12. topofthechain Says:

    When I hear that their dad can kick my dad’s ass, I’ll worry then.

  13. Sebastiano Wino Says:

    S&P apparently had Bear Sterns rated AAA the day it imploded. Guess this means we are fucked.