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The most expensive Glock out there

A cut away model that shows you how it works:

From Gun Porn

I saw this at the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation match. Craig’s Firearms had table set up there with various Glock toys and accessories.

Very cool to actually cycle and pull the trigger and watch all the parts move.

13 Responses to “The most expensive Glock out there”

  1. mikee Says:

    And I bet some Glock fan would bury it in mud, drive over it with a truck, then bake in in a casserole and still expect it to function normally after being hosed off.

  2. Skullz Says:

    We have one of those at the gun shop.

    Works like a charm for all the “The Glock doesn’t have a safety” experts that come in.

  3. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Most expensive? Looks at least 40% off to me!


  4. larry weeks Says:

    One of our Brownells techs built a cutaway 1911, another a cutaway AR. We had both at SHOT show last year and will again next year, might even take them to the 2012 NRA show.

  5. MSJ Says:

    This model come exploded from the factory.

  6. MSJ Says:

    comes exploded

    damn it

  7. Weer'd Beard Says:

    I still LOL’d MSJ!

  8. MSJ Says:

    On my blog now.

  9. Diomed Says:

    Cutaways are cool. Wish I’d bought the ones I’ve come across. Sigh.

    Except that cutaway grease gun. 20k for a gun you can’t shoot, nah.

  10. ZerCool Says:

    MSJ, it’s not exploded, it’s pre-scored. That there’s a fragmentation GLOCK.

  11. chris Says:

    ZerCool: You can bet that Schumer will try to ban it on Monday…

  12. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Tactical lightening cuts!

  13. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Speed holes, make it shoot faster.

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