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In Cali

While businesses and individuals are leaving the state in droves, the powers that be take up important issues restricting rights:

A dangerous bill to regulate airguns out of existence.

And, in Cali, the carry movement was carrying unloaded guns since that was the lawful way to carry there. Now, the California assembly has voted to ban that:

The California Assembly approved a bill Monday to prohibit openly carrying unloaded handguns in public after a debate that pitted gun rights proponents against chiefs of police.

The bill, AB144, would make it a misdemeanor to carry an exposed and unloaded gun in a public place, street or vehicle except in some unincorporated areas. It was approved 45-29 largely along party lines and moves to the Senate.

One Response to “In Cali”

  1. ASM826 Says:

    Why does anyone live there?

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