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A quiz

What do the following pics have in common?

Shoulder thing that goes up.

Fitting the rifle to the user

A good read

Dragon Leatherworks.


14 Responses to “A quiz”

  1. Jim S Says:

    I was going to say Gun Pron till I saw the last picture. So probably female subjects?

  2. cayton Says:


  3. D2k Says:

    Your house?

  4. Tam Says:

    A lot of ’em have one of those breakage-prone LDAs?

  5. SayUncle Says:

    d2k wins.

  6. Lee Says:

    Oleg and beautiful ladies…how does he do it?

    PS Chloe is adorable. Looks like she won’t take any crap, though 🙂

  7. Tirno Says:

    Oleg and beautiful ladieshow does he do it?

    Oleg does with his camera what I figured out doing Salsa dancing in clubs in England:

    Make the subject look good, and they’ll appreciate it, especially if it looks like you’re doing hard work that others can’t or won’t do.

    When combined with the maxim “The penalty for good work is to have to have to do more good work”, that’s a recipe for tired dancin’ feet and worn out shutter fingers and piles of clothes on the floor. Read that any way you like.

  8. Crotalus Says:

    Ummm… They’re all poison to the Brady Brats?

  9. Dan Says:

    The filter here at work says I can’t view any of them?

  10. John Richardson Says:

    Your house guest from last week?

  11. John Bernard Books Says:

    They all go to Oleg’s new blog site, rather than the old one in your sidebar?

  12. Someone Else Says:

    That’s fantastic positioning in “climber” – Usually takes effort to convince new climbers to commit to that kind of position on a rock wall, even though it’s so visibly effortless to hold.

  13. Gunmart Says:

    Its that half naked girl from your basement…. I pointed that out on Jay G’s blog yesterday and on mine today:

  14. Chris L. Says:

    Oleg taking pictures at your place? 🙂