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This again

A snubby for the pretty lady? Shoot what works for you.

Update: More from Tam.

Honestly, when it comes to recommending guns to women, try listening to, you know, women.

12 Responses to “This again”

  1. Bryan S. Says:

    It took me a while to convince my wife of how nice it was to shoot a good semi-auto. Once I finally purchased a Glock, she tried it and asked when she could get one.


  2. Steve in TN Says:

    Honestly, when it comes to a woman buying a carry gun, they shouldn’t listen to, you know, other women. Women have tastes in carry weapons that are even more diverse than men and women are typically more dogmatic than men on the topic.

    Breda is pretty much all wet in her item, while Tam hits the nail on the head.

    The overall advice that each person should find their own fix is very obviously correct.

    I just wish gunnies would stop hating on others’ choices (in this case, the snubbie).

  3. Kristopher Says:

    They recommend air weight .38 revolvers because they are idiots who don’t shoot a lot.

    Breda and Tam are absolutely correct. A lightweight .38 is an expert’s concealment revolver. One that is painful and hard to learn to shoot well.

  4. Kristopher Says:

    Steve: I carry a snubbie. I will not recommend one to a new shooter of any sex.

  5. me Says:

    Couple years ago stopped at a well known gun shop in a large city North of where I Live with the gal I was seeing at the time. We went to the counter and asked one of the clerks how much for a S&W 642. He immediately grabbed a pink framed model brought it over and in the most patronizing voice started going on about what a perfect gun for her, and in a color she would like.

    Things got kinda funny when I informed him it was for me, summer carry. She then lit into him informing the clerk that I was just a lowly citizen and she was the one who wore an equipment belt with a .40 glock, and a Mossy 12 and Bushmaster Patrolmans in the overhead rack of the work vehicle. And that she couldn’t stand the color pink. Everyone in the place got a good chuckle out of it

    Im sure he never made assumptions again with other customers

  6. Paul Says:

    Carmichal said ‘IF you decide on a revolver’, not the snubby is the best choice.

    Personally, for people new to guns but want a CC piece I recommend the Bersa CC .380 (and to buy ALOT of .380 ammo before the next ammo shortage!)

  7. comatus Says:

    Ogod, Me. You have grasped the Pink Rail of gunsex politics. You are chromosomically-challenged, and have no right to bring up the Pink Thing, pro-, con-, or clinically. And now, fool, it’s All Your Fault.

    You may as well talk about shoes.

  8. Tam Says:


    Man, she really f&*$ed you up, didn’t she?

  9. North Says:

    I did my own idiot blather on Pink Guns:

  10. me Says:

    WOW Comatus, interesting reply. I have no idea how it relates to my story, but interesting none the less.

  11. Steve in TN Says:

    My main CCW is a SW 642. Before that I carried a SW 49 (still have it). My petite wife can/does shoot either effectively. She can NOT operate the slide on most pistols, Bersa included.

    One size does NOT fit all. Quit the snubbie hate, please. 😀

  12. seeker_two Says:

    “You may as well talk about shoes,” said comatus.

    “OK,” said I.