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Lucky Gunner Memorial Day Blogger Shoot

LuckyGunner is putting on an event: Machine guns, training, anti-tank guns, food, 50 cals. And free ammo. I’ll be there.

9 Responses to “Lucky Gunner Memorial Day Blogger Shoot”

  1. Kevin Baker Says:

    And I won’t be. Dammit.

    I need to hit up U.S. Citizen for some Frequent Flyer miles.

  2. Robb Allen Says:

    Must be nice having it practically in your backyard 😉

    Granted, I hear you’re going to have some shady blogger stealing a couch, so it’s not all sunshine and roses for you 😉

  3. USCitizen Says:

    OK, Kevin you’re covered.

  4. Lissakay Says:

    “Firearm industry bloggers” … Sounds pretty specifically exclusive.

  5. Kevin Baker Says:

    Dude, I was kidding, but REALLY?? SQUEEEE!

  6. Kevin Baker Says:

    Uncle, are you going to make sure Glenn and Helen show up? And Oleg?

  7. Peter Says:

    I’ve registered for it, but so far heard nothing at all from LuckyGunner. I hope they follow up with invitations for those of us who’ve sent them our names . . . it’ll be pretty bad form (and bad publicity) if this is spoilt by inefficient administration.

  8. SayUncle Says:

    I don’t think they’re emailing and confirming yet. Keep your pants on.

  9. Kevin Baker Says:

    I re-registered just to make sure.

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