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More TSA silliness

They try to take over Amtrak security. Amtrak police chief is not amused:

O’Connor said the TSA VIPR teams have no right to do more than what Amtrak police do occasionally, which has produced few if any protests and which O’Connor said is clearly within the law and the Constitution. More than a thousand times, Amtrak teams (sometimes including VIPR) have performed security screenings at Amtrak stations. These screenings are only occasional and random, and inspect the bags of only about one in 10 passengers. There is no wanding of passengers and no sterile area. O’Connor said the TSA violated every one of these rules.

4 Responses to “More TSA silliness”

  1. The Packetman Says:

    Link is to Glock selector switch

  2. SayUncle Says:


  3. Stretch Says:

    It’s called “delegation of authority” and if you don’t have all your ducks (or federal forms) in order much unhappiness can result.
    I’ve witnessed this sort of “toe-stepping” first hand and know the following can occur:
    All arrests/charges made by interloping agency can (and will) be dropped.
    Agents of interloping agency are NOT protected from lawsuits as they were acting “outside their designated authority.”
    The senior bureaucrat who instigated the action was, yes, promoted AND given a cash award while the line officers were stripped of police power for 1 year.

  4. Kristopher Says:

    Railroad folks get really pissy when outsiders try to order them about.

    When local cops would try to harass passengers, the Conductor would trespass them.

    Until Congress intervened, Amtrak unofficial policy concerning CCW was “don’t scare the other passengers, and we will pretend it isn’t there”.