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Beware of fake experts

Good point. But, really, are these fake experts intentionally faking? Or is it the result of spending too much time jaw-jacking at the local gun shop?

9 Responses to “Beware of fake experts”

  1. Laughingdog Says:

    I think “experts” that fake intentially are very rare. My experience has been that every “expert” I meet really believes all of these things, despite the fact that their only “evidence” is that some other “expert” told them this.

    On the plus side, I am getting close to eradicating that whole “use bird shot for self-defense” myth from the staff at the local gun store/range. When they don’t want to listen to facts, saying “I have two words for you: Dick Cheney” is highly effective.

  2. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    Some of those experts are ex-military guys who just don’t have a clue. They know how to shoot, but have also latched onto the less than free aspects of how the military regulates firearms use and want to apply them to the general population.

  3. SPQR Says:

    There is a lot of gun shop commandos in the world.

  4. Paul B Says:

    Commando’s? Not sure about that. Military has good trainging if you want to make use of it. Some of it does not apply to us as we do not want to wound a predator as much as kill them. Soldiers help their wounded more than criminals will.

    As to the bird shot idea, depends on range. Inside of most houses #6 bird will make a really large hole. 1 1/2 ounces of lead will hurt whether it is one thing or a hundred. 00 buck would be a better choice since the pellets will penetrate better but if bird is what you have, use it.

    Most of my classes have been taught by police types. They are more about ending the fight using whatever you have available. I can get behind that so to speak.

  5. Laughingdog Says:

    Paul, at a close enough range, birdshot may penetrate drywall. But the Box of Truth site proved pretty clearly that bird shot is not going to penetrate deeply enough to be an effective self-defense round.

    If all you have is bird-shot, you should be prepared to have to beat the crap out of the intruder with your shotgun after you’ve used all of your rounds.

  6. The Duck Says:

    I saw Gun Site testing Bird Shot on Personal defense TV inside a house it can be pretty effective, it make not got deep enough, but it is going to make a pretty large bloody hole. I do recall having to put down an aggresive 60 lb dog, a few years back, and grabbed Pheasent Loads by mistake, I hit him from about 20 feet in the side, the load wad and all went all the way through him.

  7. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Somewhere I read the best defense load was one shell of bird followed by a couple of #1. The bird shot will get through to anyone that’s not on PCP or something, the bigger ones will stop them if they are. #1s are optimal for cross sectional area or something. Think I’d just go with some 00. That’ll stop anyone. I have .40 HPs waiting for anyone dumb enough to wake me up. Not really worried about the drywall, and my son’s far enough off axis from my firing solution for anyone that busts into my room, I think he’s safe.

  8. John Smith. Says:

    I am yet to meet any of the gunshop heroes that know you can build your own firearm legally as long as you do can possess one and it is not NFA….

  9. Turd Baggins Says:

    In one of his classic books, the esteemed Peter Hathaway Capstick (who admittedly was known to fudge the facts) tells the story of one fine African morning on safari going out by himself carrying nothing but his shotty loaded with bird-shot in search of a bird to bring to the table. He stumbled across a lion, lion charged, and from a distance of less than 5 feet (typical home invasion range) he blasted the lion in the face and effectively turned the lions head into ground beef. With bird shot.

    You HAVE to consider the layout of your house in a break-in situation, as Mr Evilwrench has. In my home, someone breaking into my home downstairs and then coming upstairs, at the top of the stairs will be directly between my likely position and my 7 year old sons bedroom. Needless to say over penetration is a huge concern.