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Gun Stocks

No, the kind you invest in. Via Jeff.

3 Responses to “Gun Stocks”

  1. John Richardson Says:

    A couple of stocks I would have added to the list are Alliant Technologies (ATK) and Olin Corp (OLN).

    ATK makes Federal ammo, runs the Lake City ammo plant for the military, and holds other gun related companies including RCBS and Speer.

    OLN makes Winchester ammunition and is probably a better play on just ammo. They are not as diverse as ATK. They make ammo and they produce chlor alkali products used in bleach, etc.

    As an investment, both have had bumpy rides over the last year.

  2. John Smith. Says:

    Ah legal gambling…

  3. SPQR Says:

    Since Olin has licensed out almost all of their firearms related brands, I don’t really consider them a “Gun Stock”.