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Was the Hugh’s Amendment really passed

As a practical matter, yes. I don’t know that not obeying the house rules would convince any court to overturn a law, as I don’t know if courts concern themselves with legislative rules. That said, folks are up in arms about this video which is supposed to show that the 1986 machine gun ban did not really pass the House:

The action starts at the 8 minute mark. I can’t tell, honestly. Watching it twice, it’s hard for me to figure out what’s going on. Several pages of discussion at arfcom on the issue. Honestly, it’s mess and I can’t tell what happened.

What say you?

14 Responses to “Was the Hugh’s Amendment really passed”

  1. karrde Says:

    I say the Repubs should slide a repeal of Hughes into an unrelated bill, on the sly. Keep it nice and quiet, along the lines of “provision XYZ, subsection (abc) of Title T of USC Section S is hereby revoked.”

    See if anyone can figure it out before it passes and is signed.

  2. Leon Says:

    Charlie Rangel cheated.
    For proof look up a book called “Under Fire” by Osha Gray Davidson.
    He’s an anti but admits that Rangel stole the vote.

  3. FerosFerio Says:

    Any way to download this?

  4. Moshe Says:

    Go to and follow the instructions there.

  5. countertop Says:

    What’s the issue?

    That they did it on a voice vote and he didn’t accept the request to record the yeas and neas?

    Nothing there. Elections matter – including most importantly control of the rules committee and therefore setting the rules of the debate (and changing them as they go).

    This is a vote on an amendment. Whether you think it was rigged or not, it was then included in the final bill which was then passed by the entire house, then the Senate, and signed by Reagan.

  6. S.W.G. Says:

    Set it to to the six minute mark and turn up the volume.

    A voice vote is called, Nea’s CLEARLY outweigh the Aye’s.

    When Rangel declares that thye Aye’s had it you can hear commotion in the crowd as people realized what happened.

    Then a rep. steps forward and demands a recorded vote. The electronic votes are counted and displayed. Again, the Nea’s clearly win, but Rangel declares the amendment passed.

    He then rushes into the final vote to seal the deal before opposition can organize.


  7. Diomed Says:

    It was stolen, that’s pretty clear.

    Nothing will happen, that’s also pretty clear.

  8. Rabbit Says:

    I’m with karrde. Stick an amendment or rider repeal of the NFA and GCA-68 into a dark corner of some sacred cow bill that has either wide bipartisan appeal (whatever that is) or that is hugely important to the minority party of the HR. I’m even a fan of using it as a poison pill. If the usual suspects can keep trotting out their tired, old hackneyed bills every year (vis-a-vis McCarthy, Ellison, et al)then why not? Won’t know if you can succeed until you try.

    Oh, and yeah, it was stolen.

  9. Sebastian Says:

    False hope

  10. MicroBalrog Says:

    As I’ve said on Sebastian’s blog, so do I say here:

    You’re grasping the wrong end of the stick.

    True, we can’t use this in court. But it’s important to educate our fellow gun owners as to how this was brought about.

    More people being angry about this is a good thing.

  11. Chas Says:

    Unconstitutional law to begin with and even more grounds for overturning it in the video.
    No one should be fined, imprisoned or penalized in any way as the result of such a sloppy fiasco of lawmaking.

    We need to 86 the ‘86 Ban!

  12. Alchemist Says:

    Legitimate or not it’s being enforced. We should be directing the anger and energy at getting Congress to repeal the ban or at overturning it on 2A grounds – the people willing to run roughshod over your constitutional rights won’t care that proper parliamentary procedure wasn’t quite followed.

  13. Ajax22 Says:

    Before this video, When was the last time you heard of anyone wrote their congressman on the subject of the Hughes amendment?

    on repealing 922(o)?

    People who are just learning of how this happened are PISSED.

    And they are writing their representatives.

    People are talking in earnest about getting 922(o) pulled off the books…

    I would not be surprised if some ambitious new tea partier slipped a couple of lines into the next massive reform or funding bill…

    Write your congressman.. you have the perfect excuse…

    If you sit on your thumbs and just say “it won’t change anything” then you’re right… it won’t…

    But if you get off your ass and make something happen then at least you have a CHANCE at seeing change.

    the old “we’ve tried doing nothing, and now we’re all out of ideas” apathy will get us nowhere.

    what do you have to loose from writing a letter to your congresscritter?

  14. Bryan S. Says:

    I would add to Ajax22 by saying, write a letter. Dont type an email, write a letter send it certified if you have to. Do one a week. It weighs a bit more because you put time and effort into it.