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Marine Corps Looking at 1911s

Springfield and Colt as MARSOC pistols.

3 Responses to “Marine Corps Looking at 1911s”

  1. CTone Says:

    I guess the Kimber contract is over. Remington has a militant looking railed 1911 that I saw at the Modern Day Marine Convention last year –

    Would it be fitting to note how the Corps signing a contract on 1911s in 2011 is cool, or would it make you gag? I love 1911s, but that could go either way.

  2. Matt Groom Says:

    21st Century USMC to adopt 1911s? It must be because they’re so unreliable.

  3. AJ187 Says:

    The marines should save the tax payers some money and pick up a few thousand Rock Island Armorys. Haha, I had to.

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