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NAACP supports self-defense?

Black man allegedly wrongly convicted for self-defense in shooting a white man:

In 2005, John McNeil rushed to the aid of his son who had been threatened in the family’s backyard by Brian Epp with a knife. When McNeil arrived on the scene, Epp charged toward him. McNeil pulled his gun and fired a warning shot into the ground. But Epp kept coming until McNeil ended the situation with a single shot to the head. In 2006, McNeil was convicted of felony murder despite a police investigation that found the shooting to be self defense, eye witness testimony backing up that claim, and character witnesses testifying to the ill-temper of Epp.

NAACP wants to know where the gun rights activists are. Probably, like most people, they haven’t heard of the case. It’s not burning up the news feeds, and only a few mentions.

Of course, I wonder where the NAACP has been on civil rights for a while. Seems they have worked against them.

8 Responses to “NAACP supports self-defense?”

  1. DaddyBear Says:

    The NAACP and the gun rights community need to welcome each other to the party. And this guy needs a retrial or a pardon.

  2. SPQR Says:

    We’d be happy to champion the case if we knew about it. I don’t care what color a man is when he protects his family. Although I don’t appreciate NAACP calling me racist.

  3. mikee Says:

    From the articles linked, race of defendant and race of dead guy seems immaterial, except perhaps to the jury. Not enough info there on what makes this a case of racial prejudice, rather than a case of “guns ‘r bad” and “self defense is illegal.”

    Race does not matter in this case as I see it. The shooting reads like a classic case of self defense against a knife-wielding assailant, starting from a misunderstanding and escalating into crazy dude getting shot after being warned to stop.

  4. Chris Says:

    Epp increased his speed toward McNeil and McNeil raised his gun and fired at Epp’s head. Epp’s hands were at his sides, and the eyewitness did not see him raise his hands or see any weapons in his hands.

    Later, an officer arrived at the scene and found Epp on the ground with a fatal gunshot wound to the head. McNeil informed the officer that Epp had pulled a knife on him and then McNeil shot him. The officer saw a knife clipped inside the right hand pocket of Epp’s pants. A forensic investigator from the Cobb County Medical Examiner’s Office also responded to the scene and noticed that the knife in Epp’s pocket was folded.

    Sounds like this was questionable…

  5. Ron W Says:

    The NAACP has typically been anti-gun rights even though the main aspect of slavery is to deprive slaves of the right to keep and carry arms. In the 1857 SCOTUS Dred Scot decision, it was admitted by Judge Taney that if black people were declared to be persons, then (according to the 2nd Amendment) they would be able to keep AND CARRY arms everywhere they went. After the Civil War, particularly in the South, gun control laws were aimed (no pun) at black people. The most basic human and civil right is the right to keep AND CARRY one’s choice of self-defense.

  6. mariner Says:

    The NAACP doesn’t give a good g*d**mn about civil rights and hasn’t for a long time.

    It cares about power and wealth for its leadership; if other black people get hurt, too bad.

  7. Robert Says:

    Let me take a shot at putting the crosshairs on the problem.
    Gun Grabbers don’t like to point to JUSTIFIED uses of firearms EVER. So we don’t hear about this type of thing.

    The fact that he was convicted means he had a trial and was found guilty for some reason. Maybe prior’s that are not known. IF there is an appeal pending, perhaps he’ll be exonerated.

  8. Andrew Says:

    Robert, you hit the nail on the head.

    It doesn’t fit their narrative that all guns are bad. Including in use for self defense.

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