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Still racist after all these years

Blacks should have been disarmed for their own good. I can’t see this lame post poorly addressing the racist roots of gun control as being read any other way. And I tried.

7 Responses to “Still racist after all these years”

  1. MrSatyre Says:

    Just another liberal trying to deny the facts, that’s all.

  2. Dean Says:

    The argument is, once again, the victim only makes thing worse by trying to resist. Disarm yourself and your attacker won’t be driven to kill you. If you resist and get killed or oppressed, it’s your fault.

  3. SPQR Says:

    Well, mixed in are a couple of tu quoque attempts by snark. Like trying to claim that Jeff Cooper is racist because he wrote a statement that said nothing other than most criminal victims are criminals themselves and no loss to society.

    The basic fact remains that the gun control argument is based on fraud and the linked piece is a perfect example.

  4. 509th Bob Says:

    I love his citations. The only problem is, I read a law review article, written about 15 years ago, that actually analyzed this very issue and supported it with facts and law from the pre-Civil War period.

  5. Borepatch Says:

    Georgia just this year repealed what I believe is the last of the Jim Crow laws, the “Public Gathering” restrictions on CCW. It was passed to keep armed blacks from gathering; oddly, it doesn’t seem to have been enforced against whites.

    This guy’s bit on “gun control wasn’t started by racists” is a lot like the whole “the Civil War wasn’t caused by slavery”.

  6. Diomed Says:

    Borepatch – that may have been the last Jim Crow law in Georgia (and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot are still on the books but unenforced), but they’re definitely still around. North Carolina’s gun laws are an egregious example.

  7. Matt Groom Says:

    Yeah, I was brought up on that whole “The Union wanted to end Slavery” pap, too. Since my direct ancestors fought in the 129th Pennsylvania Volunteers, that is, for the Union, I’d like to believe it still. But the overwhelming evidence pretty much contradicts that. It’s sort of depressing to thing that the bad guys won, and that anything good that happened later was a coincidence.

    There were racist laws in the Union States intended to keep poor people AND blacks from owning guns, too. Being POOR was considered proof of ill breeding. They weren’t called “Jim Crow” laws, they were called “Black Codes”, but their the same thing. The idea that racial supremacy was drawn across the color line, and that WASPs didn’t discriminate against the Irish, or Italians, or other groups that would be considered white by modern standards is silly.

    Before the War for Southern Independence, native born whites discriminated against anyone who came here after the revolution, or didn’t fight in the War of 1812, no matter what their race was. There were Irish who joined with Mexico’s forces AGAINST the US in the Mexican American war, proof to many of the treachery of all Irish. The idea that most of these laws were prompted by White vs. Black Racial supremacy alone is based entirely on a total lack of understanding by contemporary minds of Racism before about 1960.