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Handgun Mount From Old Computer Hard Drive Magnet

3 Responses to “Innovative”

  1. Wolfwood Says:

    I’m concerned that this will draw all the powder in the cartridges to the left side of the gun, making the bullets veer right when the gun is fired. This may be acceptable against zombies hordes or Communist armies, but it’s unacceptable in a home defense weapon.

  2. Ellen Says:

    Unless you’re using those funky steel cases, there’s nothing magnetic in the cartridge. And there’s no magnet available for home use strong enough to collect powder.

  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    neat-o another use for hard drive guts.

    magnetic steel parts can attract iron grit. That’s why when I’m doing something like repacking ball bearings, I don’t like to use magnetic tools to pick the bearings out of the races.

    If you want to demagnetize a hunk of steel you just need to pass it close to a changing magnetic field. Got a soldering gun, a power drill (plastic case) or maybe one of those stick blenders? Anything like that should work fine. I mostly use this trick to demagnetize screwdrivers.

    The metal piece on the back of those magnets is called “mu metal”. It’s about 75% nickel and 25% copper and has the property of shielding lines of magnetic force. You can stick this magnet to the fridge, pull hard to get it off (very strong), and then flip it over and see that it does not stick in the slightest.

    The magnets themselves are a bit brittle and if something is smacked hard against it, pieces could chip off. That’s why the magnets themselves are thinly chrome plated. You would not want little bits of magnetic dust inside your hard drive. The idea to coat or wrap the magnet in plastic is a good one.

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