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NRA v. Garden and Guns

NRA apparently did a piece on how the magazine Garden and Guns didn’t take their ad. G&G doesn’t take political ads, apparently. But it is interesting to me that the article mentions Jim Zumbo as some sort of measure of the NRA’s success in firing up the base and all of that. Seems to be taken as fact by non gunnies that NRA cut loose and did Zumbo in. And that is totally false. Blogs and message boards did Zumbo in. NRA didn’t even issue a press release until three days after Zumbo quit.

6 Responses to “NRA v. Garden and Guns”

  1. Freiheit Says:

    I can’t be the only reader shocked [shocked I say!] that there is such a niche magazine as Garden and Guns.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    I read it at my Doctor’s office.

  3. alan Says:

    No surprise, the NRA is always taking credit for what someone else did.

  4. Miguel Says:

    Wait one. The NRA is allegedly doing what GOA has been doing since its founding and it gets criticized?
    I am confused. I thought it was the true mark of the No Compromise groups.

  5. Moose Says:

    I first saw it at the barber shop my boys and I go to, when the shop moved across town I started subscribing to Garden and Guns. It’s a great read and I can understand them not wanting to run ads that are in any way political. Those ads would be as out of place as a M-16 on a civil war re-enactment trip.

  6. John Caile SDI Training Says:

    The NRA does indeed take credit for the work of grassroots folks who do the grunt work of gun rights, but that is not the point. Any magazine that about gun ownership yet claims to be “non-political” is either foolish, or disingenuous – gun ownership IS political, and it is precisely this kind of appeasement of political correctness that leads to incremental loss of our rights.

    They are just like those “I’m-just-a-hunter-so-I-don’t-care” types who elect a Charles Schumer or a Michael Bloomberg, or…a Barak Obama.

    There are only two kinds of people in America – those who own guns…and those who don’t. And you’d better decide which side you are on…