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Not getting it

The editor of the local news rag is butthurt because someone “ripped off” one of their stories. Only, not so much stole a story. The blogger just has better search engine results, after quoting the story that appeared on the newspaper’s site. Newspaper responds by actually stealing the offending blogger’s photo. That being real stealing. As opposed to quoting and linking, which happens a lot on the internet. Or so I hear.

The number of times the press reportedly steals a story from a blogger without credit is apparently quite high.

I do find these examiner pages a bit odd, though. There are a lot of them and apparently search engines treat it like a news source.

Via MKS.

2 Responses to “Not getting it”

  1. Countertop Says:

    What the Las Vegas review and Righthaven are doing is bullshit. But it strikes me that the News Sentinal has a pretty good case here. From the description, this goes far beyond fair use.

    Of course, the fact that the examiner rates higher in the google matrix is a whole other issue.

  2. CarlS Says:

    What this means is that readers trust the reporters more than they do the so-called “mainstream” but “state-run” media. That’s what the search stats reflect, popularity of the site being read.