respecting an establishment of religion

In LA, there was a prohibition on carrying a weapon in a church. Now, the property owners decide, as it should be:

Gov. Bobby Jindal gave his blessing this week to churches, synagogues and mosques to allow concealed handguns on their premises, overturning a state ban.

A civil rights victory.

2 Responses to “respecting an establishment of religion”

  1. Sevesteen says:

    Very small victory, I believe. This isn’t ‘license holders can carry in church’ it is ‘license holders can get extra training and become part of a designated security team’.

    I’m still puzzled how the state can dictate the rules at a church in a way that they can’t at Walmart.

  2. JJR says:

    This is kind of weird:
    “…anyone wishing to carry one will have to take an extra eight hours of tactical training each year a requirement that doesn’t mollify gun opponents.”

    So if you want to carry in church, assuming your church and its governing body approve, you are then required to take an 8 hour tactical training course every year…? What if you don’t? Will you be arrested after successfully saving your fellow parishioner’s lives after a defensive gun use scenario because you didn’t take some stupid class?

    Participation in IDPA/USPSA matches should count but probably won’t. Though of course the discussion is academic for me since I’m an atheist.

    It’s kind of discriminatory against the religious folk, when you think about it, since in Louisiana I wouldn’t need no stinkin class to protect my fellow atheists at the coffee shop if someone decides to shoot up the place while we’re there, but apparently the state thinks you religious folks gotta pony up mega $$$ to exercise your RKBA in that way.

    “The question Louisiana residents need to be asking themselves is: Is someone who takes a single eight-hour class fit to defend themselves should a crisis situation arise in the church?,” said Ladd Everitt, a spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. “We would say no.”

    You guys not hear about that Colorado church shooting that was successfully stopped by one of the members who had a gun? Did she have a pricey (near as I can tell a good quality one will set you back at least around $1K at least if you include the ammo costs, etc, on top of tuition, etc.) tactical class that year? Yeah, that would be a no.

    “Everitt said violent crimes should be handled by police officers, who have extensive training with firearms.”

    They’ll get there in time to draw the chalk outlines around the dead and investigate the crime scene.

    Hate to play into the hoplophobic stereotype, but I for one would welcome more Wild-West style gun totin’ preachers. 😉 If only for the entertainment value.