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Get to overriding

Governor Bredesen broke a campaign pledge a second time and vetoed the guns in bars bill.

Via reader anonymous.

6 Responses to “Get to overriding”

  1. Nutjobs listen Says:

    Forward the force of right, not the right of force.

  2. bob dole Says:

    1. Never trust a conservative democrat.
    2. Only trust a republican so long as you are watching him.

  3. oldsmobile98 Says:

    May his crops wither and die.

  4. Dan Says:

    Lying democrat? Shock.

  5. The Survivalist Blog Says:

    Bredesen has been a major disappointment – but I never expected much.

  6. Moose Says:

    We all knew this was coming, he vetoed the first one just like he did this one. The only question is did he leave the state house enough time to override it like they did the last one, or did he wait long enough that they won’t/don’t have the time needed to see it through?

    In other words, how much longer is the state senate/house in session?