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Advantage Arms 22 Conversion

For a Glock.

I recently snagged a 22 conversion kit for my AR-15 (this one) to cut down on the cost of ammo. Haven’t got to shoot it yet.

5 Responses to “Advantage Arms 22 Conversion”

  1. TomcatsHanger Says:

    I love the advantage arms .22 kit I got with a Glock 17 in trade.

    It is picky, but so many .22 lr’s are, I don’t see that as a big deal anymore. Feed it the suggested ammo, and it’s as reliable as the rimfire ammo itself, I only ever get failures to fire once in a blue moon, and it’s with a round that won’t go off no matter what.

  2. RML Says:

    I tried to get one for six months last year for my Glock 19, but they were way too backordered. I just gave up and got a Ruger 22/45. Love it.

  3. Jailer Says:

    Been trying for quite a while myself to get one. Can’t find em anywhere and they are wayyyy back ordered.

    I’m still going to leave my order in for my 21 just to see how long it takes.

  4. WPZ Says:

    The only reason I still own the G17 when I’d much rather have an M&P is the AA conversion.
    Even practicing three times as much, though, I still shoot a Glock really badly.
    There’s only so much you can do, I guess.

  5. Pop N Fresh Says:

    Love mine and had it for years. Shoot thousands of rounds a month out of it. It’s the only 22 I have that eats rem. bulk packs like candy. Fairly accurate with cci mini mags too.