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Today’s the day – Open Thread

The big day. Today, the supreme court will hear arguments in The Chicago Gun Case. I’d have liked to have gone but it’s a busy time at the office. Bitter and Sebastian are there and you can follow them on twitter at those links. Sebastian brings the funny:

Peter Hamm is here. It’s cold out. Maybe I should be a nice guy and get the Brady folks some @starbucks.

David Hardy notes that the audio will not be available like it was in Heller. Transcript will eventually be available here later.

If you get any news on the case, post it in comments.

Update and bump: New York Times: Gun Control OK, Slaughterhouse “Terrible”

9 Responses to “Today’s the day – Open Thread”

  1. Countertop Says:

    Was going to head over early and get in courtroom but had to help with the kids. If u get to my office in the next 15 minutes (damn traffic) I’ll head over to the bar member overflow lounge.

  2. peter hamm Says:

    Hey – where’s my starbucks, dude?
    Hope you get in…

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Don’t shoot me.

  4. Jim W Says:

    Dammit, no Starbucks here in the new town.

    Nearest one is 30 miles away at the resorts on the shore. All I have is shit tier grinds, a cheap drip machine and artificial creamer that tastes like ass.

    I guess I will be bringing over my espresso machine and a few bags of beans next time I stop by home.

  5. Ben Says:

    Interesting story about Otis McDonald and his motives in the Chicago Sun-Times today.,CST-NWS-guns02.article

  6. Jake Says:

    Update: From SCOTUSBlog – Analysis: 2d Amendment extension likely

    Of course, they bring up the whining PSH that restoring P&I “would raise too many questions about what other rights might emerge.” As if the SCOTUS should be concerning itself with whether it’s a good idea to follow the Constitution instead of what the Constitution actually means.

  7. RAH Says:

    I read Scotus blog analysis and Scalia was not impressed with overturning Slaughterhouse. It seemed a slam dunk on due process but they were concerned about how reinvigorating P &I would turn out. I thought the whole reason to hear McDonald versus the NRA case was because of the P &I argument.

    I am happy that it will be incorporated but I really want the improved rights that could come out of P &I

  8. JJR Says:

    Ben, enjoyed the Chicago Sun Times article–refreshing!
    Mr. MacDonald’s plight shows the long racist legacy of gun control down to contemporary Chicago. May he and justice prevail.

    RAH: agree w/ you 100%.

  9. straightarrow Says:

    Incoporating by “P & I” clause means the words “shall not be infringed” come along with it. Incorporating by “due process” means the states or cities can use due process to kill any practical effect incorporation may have.

    It’s really simple and the court is going for another Heller.