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Earth Friendly

My new AR-15 has a flat dark earth theme:

From Bison Armory

Barrel, grip, stock, and rail covers are earth friendly. It’s a Bison Armory (full disclosure: I’m part owner of Bison) 6.8 with an 18 inch barrel. It has a Vortex Flash hider and the Yankee Hill Diamond forearm, both can be seen here:

From Bison Armory

And the YM Chrome bolt/carrier:

From Bison Armory

Now, I need to decide what sort of optic set up I want. I’m building this one to be a good medium range rifle. Suggestions?

11 Responses to “Earth Friendly”

  1. Rivrdog Says:

    If you got the scratch, put an ACOG on it. If not, an Aimpoint 512. That is, if you are going to put it in your tactical safe.

    If’n you’re hunting with it, a nice 3X9 scope with mil-dot or BDC would be good. You can get a good Nikon with all the adjustments for about $370.

    BTW, how does this caliber stack up to .308 for mid-range work? I’d heard that the 6.8SPC was developed solely as a cartridge firing a heavier bullet that would fit into an AR with no upper mods to save the Gov’t money on converting them. As such, doesn’t it compromise range somewhat?

  2. SayUncle Says:

    6.8 is supposed to be similar to 308 ballistically out to about 700 yds.

  3. workinwifdakids Says:

    Well, 3-9x will carry you out to what most people call medium range. I’d go to x50 to increase your field of view. Do you want absolute value, or higher end?

  4. Mike Says:

    I have an early 20″ Bison Armory 6.8 that will do ~3/4 MOA consistently. I am a big fan of front focal plane (FFP) scopes. Right now I have an IOR 2.5-10×44 FFP mounted with a LaRue LT-104, and that is plenty out to 300 yards. I got it from Liberty Optics. If that is too much money, the 3-9×40 FFP Super Sniper from SWFA is also pretty good, and Liberty also has the new Bushnell 4200 series front focal plane scopes for about the same price.

  5. Phelps Says:

    I can sell you back that 8-24x scope you sold me a couple of years ago. 😀

  6. SayUncle Says:

    ” Do you want absolute value, or higher end?”

    Value is always good. I want it to do the job. But I’m not going to put kilobuck scope on it.

  7. Ben Says:

    That’s a YM carrier, not YHM, and the bolt is either a CMT or ITS product. I second the Nikon Monarch scope option. I can shoot 3/4″ groups with my rifles and that scope. In paricular, check out for the best Monarch prices anywhere. I think I paid about $340 for my 3-12×42. Great scope.

  8. Andrew Says:

    Dude, pull that govt. nanny state safety tag off the power cord to the right before an errant spark sets it on fire and burns up your arsenal, and your home.

    Unless you need it to explain how to use the electrical item.

  9. Jailer Says:

    I have a Millett TRS on my 20 inch 5.56 in a LaRue SPR-E QD mount. The scope can be had for $289 at Midway if you don’t mind waiting (backordered right now). If you want it right away cheaper than dirt has them in stock for $322. The LaRue mount is pricey but you’ll be hard pressed find a better quality one.

    You won’t impress any of the scope snobs with the TRS, but It would work well for what you want to use it for.

  10. Lyle Says:

    Neeto! You’re going green with the rifle, which qualifies as a 200% offset to your next purchase of an EatrhFucker pickup.

    I say you start with your basic hunting scope– a Leupold VariX II 3-9 x 40, and work out from there depending on what more you want out of an optic. Maybe add target knobs to it, or order one with mil dots.

    The ACOGs are really nice too if you can live with the fixed power. I love the basic 4x models, but out to 700 I start to want more magnification when the targets are small.

    Best advise I ever heard; “Buy the one you like.”

    FWIW, my son has that Leupold on his Boomershoot / hunting rifle, and he pops as many targets at Boomershoot as most other people using multi-Kilodollar scopes.

  11. Mark Says:

    Schmidt & Bender Short Dot II might work for you, but it is a bit pricy. A Trijicon TA-31RCO would work OK, too, but it is a fixed x4, and is also a bit pricy.