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Fake Suppressor Ruled to Be A Real One

GSG 22 fake suppressors determined to be regulated under NFA by the ATF.

9 Responses to “Fake Suppressor Ruled to Be A Real One”

  1. Pete Says:

    What? I thought it was just a metal tube the barrel passed through.

    So handguards are now illegal?

  2. Canthros Says:

    Has the ATF provided any reason why, or are any and all similar not-suppressors in potential violation as soon as the whim strikes?

  3. Fred Says:

    It looks like it only effects the SD models (they have a larger diameter tube).

  4. Billll Says:

    If they can establish that they can regulate a non-functioning tube as a suppressor because it looks like a suppressor, then the next step is to claim they can regulate your semi-auto EBR because it looks like a fully-automatic EBR.

    Small steps. Softly, softly catchee monkey.

  5. Mark Says:

    This is a direct consequence of there being no written standards for their technical branch.

  6. Rick Randall Says:

    I’ll bet that it ends up reducing the muzzle noise by something like 1 dB. Or, it is readily removeable, and yet fits another gun with a shorter barrel on which it reduces the muzzle noise by 1 dB or more.

    either of which meets the statutory definition of a “silencer”.

  7. Jack Dupp Says:

    Would this affect the Spikes Tactical fake cans?

  8. Sendarius Says:

    We have law here in Oz regarding “silencers” aka suppressors that makes them illegal.

    Can anyone here twist their mind enough to explain to me just what the antis find so disturbing about such devices?

    After all, by law I MUST have a silencer on my motor vehicle’s engine exhaust (presumably so I don’t disturb the neighbours), but another law says that I MUST NOT have a silencer on my firearm’s exhaust.

  9. Vote For David Says:

    I’ve never seen one, but . . .

    IF the shroud threads on the end of the barrel, and can be reversed to hang off the end, that’s your reason. If not, ATF is quite possibly being dumb (again/still)