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I just loving using that term

coal-powered cars

2 Responses to “I just loving using that term”

  1. ben Says:

    As do I! Another way to think of it is that these are solar powered cars. As such, my big SUV is also solar powered. Why? Because fossil fuels, when you get right down to it, store solar energy. That’s where all the plants got the energy needed to grow in the first place, and they are what turned into the fossil fuels.

    In that regard, hydro is also solar power, because heat from the sun drives the evaporation/condensation cycle. In fact, every source of energy we have on earth, besides fission/fusion, comes from the sun. All the different “sources” are basically just batteries for this solar power.

  2. Stranger Says:

    We had coal powered cars during WWII. And sawdust powered cars. Both used gasoline for engine starting and warmup, and exhaust heat powered the gasification process. You didn’t have a lot of pep, but it would get you there.