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Trijicon Caves

So says Navy Times:

A company under fire for etching biblical reference on rifle scopes used by the U.S. military said Thursday it will stop the practice, and offered to provide modification kits to the Pentagon to enable their removal on existing optics.

Guess those ‘Jesus Rifles’ will be collectors items. Via Robert.

18 Responses to “Trijicon Caves”

  1. BenC Says:

    What is the modification kit gonna consist of a file and some sandpaper?

  2. hiroshi_tea Says:

    This news makes me sad.
    I couldn’t care less about what’s written on the products but I’m saddened to see their little tradition go

  3. Vote For David Says:

    Still you can see where they are coming from. I’d hate to lose that contract, and with the frikken MOONBATS on the appropriations committee . ..

  4. Chad Benton Says:

    Might I suggest that Trijicon’s new product ID numbers contain the letters FU-DOD.

  5. democratsarefascists Says:

    Democrat FASCISM.

  6. Stretch Says:

    Damn! I hate it when I’m right (not that it happens too often). Only thing missing is the official apology to the Religion of Peace.

  7. John Smith Says:

    Talk about intolerance.

  8. Robert Says:

    Thanks kindly for the h/t, Uncle. Much appreciated.

  9. Deane Says:

    The Trijicon example is just a microcosm of the U.S. Government’s Christian-ideological and economic reasons for illegally invading Afghanistan and Iraq.

  10. Robert Says:

    Looks like General Petraeus is unhappy about the situation, which may have been the factor in causing Trijicon to cave. Well, that and the possible loss of contracts.

  11. kahr40 Says:

    Can’t blame them if the alternative is the loss of $65 million in DOD business.

  12. Wolfwood Says:

    There goes any chance I have of voting for Petraeus.

  13. Paul Says:

    I hope they make more ‘Jesus’ scopes.

    They can have a ‘Jesus’ version and a ‘atheist/godless scum’ version.

    I’ll take a ‘Jesus’ version.

  14. Will Says:

    Kahr40, add a zero behind that$65_ million. According to a news video I saw, it’s more like $660 million. No idea how accurate it is.

  15. Wolfwood Says:

    So we’ll be doing away with military chaplains, forbidding troops to wear cross necklaces, and cashiering everyone named Christian, Jesus, or with a name ending in -el, yes? It’s going to be tough to cover up so many inscriptions at Arlington and break the arms off some of the tombstones, but apparently we’re forcing young Muslim men into a life of jihad and so no sacrifice is too great.

    I do think the part of this that takes the cake is New Zealand, who has multiple crosses in their flag, insisting that their scopes not bear these codes.

  16. Rivrdog Says:

    More layers of editorial oversight: in this al-Reuters hit piece, two spellings of the word “sights”. first use is mis-spelled (but is a mis-spelling I see on gunny pages all the time).

  17. GuardDuck Says:

    Oh for god gosh sakes.

    Are we going to fix this next?
    US penny

    Or how about razing the Supreme Court building because Moses in carved into the pediment?

  18. straightarrow Says:

    Well, here’s a thought. If the numbers on Trijicon sights that refer to biblical verse are offensive, how is it that numbers in serial numbers are not offensives to Christians, Jews, Bhuddists, Taoist, After all , our numberals have their origin in Muslim Arab countries mathematical advances from centuries ago. Ergo, our numeral system is muslim in origin. Therefore all of us should be offended by their incorporation into serial numbers placed on firearms, automobiles, etc.

    Wouldn’t it follow if our government’s sensitivity to religious insensitivity demands the cessation of such, that they should ban serial numbers on firearms? I could get behind that.