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Security Theater

Not so much theater as big brother. Seems that the TSA Customs can now take files off your computer or phone and send them to third parties. With no oversight. Great.

9 Responses to “Security Theater”

  1. bob r Says:

    Whole Disk Encryption. It’s your friend.

  2. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Or, just take out the battery out of your phone.

    I always “unload” my cell phone when flying. It is amusing to have a TSA monkey stand there trying to turn on your battery-less cell phone.

  3. Arizona Rifleman Says:

    ’nuff said.

    /in the process of encrypting his laptop after installing Windows 7. All previous OS’ run on this computer have also been encrypted.

  4. Moriarty Says:

    Second on TrueCrypt.

    Been running it for years on multiple platforms.

    Keep in mind that encryption is only as good as the passphrase:

  5. Ride Fast Says:

    How could a file possibly threaten aircraft security? I thought TSA was told they’re only allowed to protect the aircraft, crew and prisoners passengers.

  6. B Smith Says:

    What, I needed another reason not to ever fly commercial again?

  7. Ian Argent Says:

    Looked like it was Customs, not TSA. There’s a difference.

    That having been said, WTF?

  8. RobA Says:

    Both articles I read on this subject were talking about Customs, not TSA. I don’t know where the authors got the idea that the two agencies are the same.

  9. Ian Argent Says:

    It’s not news that Customs can rummage your electronics at the border; nor that 4A protections don’t apply.

    But it’s another stick to beat the PATRIOT Act with…