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Jihad: You’re doing it wrong

Oops: Fourteen suspected terrorists died Tuesday night when the bus they rigged with explosives blew up prematurely, police said.

20 Responses to “Jihad: You’re doing it wrong”

  1. BobG Says:

    Won’t be seein’ any candlelight vigils for that bunch of idiots.

  2. Frank W. James Says:

    Bad Jihad. No Virgins!

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

  3. Stretch Says:

    New guys.

  4. The Duck Says:


  5. Ed Says:

    That’s 1,008 virgins who will be disappointed. And will someone explain why 14 monkeys are needed to blow up a bus?

  6. Robert Says:

    I’m good with this!

  7. Rabbit Says:

    The headline says “Mistakenly kill themselves”. I dispute this, as any time terrorists kill themselves to the exclusion of innocents it is not a mistake.


  8. Huck Says:

    Disappointed? I think those 1008 virgins are probably laughing their asses off Ed! I know I am!

  9. CIA Says:

    Payback’s a bitch.

  10. Eagle 1 Says:

    Sort of like “Palestinian work accidents”. NO ACHMED, NOT THAT RED WIR……………………!!!!!!!

    Eagle 1

  11. Ed Says:

    Yes, disappointed was probably not the best word. Thank goodness there is a rather high dumb-ass factor amongst the fundies.

  12. dave Says:

    What was it Achmed the dead terrorist called it…a “premature detonation?”

    How embarassing 🙂

  13. B Smith Says:

    Jihad: You’re doing it right (Keep up the fine work, guys !!)

    There…fixed it for ya

  14. Paul Says:

    Ops there goes another rubber tree Jihad!

    I only wish more of them learned their trade from whomever is their teacher.

  15. Ron Russell Says:

    I hope it was a new bus—what a waste of good rubber!

  16. Mark@Sea Says:

    At what point in their trajectory can we stop referring to them as ‘suspected’ or ‘alleged’?

  17. rickn8or Says:

    Nothing like 1008 women pointing and laughing…
    Not that I don’t know what THAT’s like.

  18. workinwifdakids Says:

    /rehangs sign/

    “This Department has ZERO days since the last workplace injury.”

  19. Dixie Says:

    The last time something like this happened, the terrorists forgot to account for Daylight Savings Time. What was the malfunction this time?

  20. Windy Wilson Says:

    As I said elsewhere, stealing shamelessly from Mark Twain, I can’t attend the funerals, but tell me where to send the cards and I will write to say I approve.