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More 22LR conversion

I’ve been pondering getting one of the Advantage Arms 22LR conversions for my Glock. There are rumors Glock will make a 22 circling the internet but who knows how long that will be. A couple of reviews here and here.

All reviews I’ve read seem favorable. The barrel locks in place so it should work with my suppressor too. Anyone have any experience suppressing one of these?

15 Responses to “More 22LR conversion”

  1. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    I don’t have experience with the kits, but I like the argument that the kit gets you more trigger time with the same fire control group. I just wish there where high-cap magazines for the kits.

  2. Tomcatshanger Says:

    I just picked one up last weekend, and my buddy got one a few months ago. I like the mine a lot so far.

    I haven’t seen a threaded barrel for them yet. Advantage Arms is in commiefornia, so they can’t or won’t make threaded barrels of their own.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    they make extended barrels that can be threaded.

  4. Jay G. Says:

    I’ve been thinking of one of these for my G30, actually. My gun club has an indoor range with “lead only” requirements for ammo, and .22LR is a LOT cheaper than buying the conversion barrel and finding .45 ACP with LSWs.

    Seeing that Remington Golden bullets are recommended is good (I have a thousand or two kickin’ around); the real stumbling block is the $265 price tag. For that kind of scratch, I could get a S&W 22A and have a whole ‘nother gun…

  5. irish red Says:

    I have one for my G22. I like it, but it’s picky about ammo. Winchester Wildcat works great and is very cheap. Mix in some Federal and you can practice failure drills! That’s a feature, right?

  6. Christopher Burg Says:

    I’ve got one coming for my Glock 30 (well it’s here but I refuse to open it until Christmas). What made me go with the Advantage Arms kit is the experience I’ve had with my friend’s on his 1911.

    The kit on his 1911 works great. It experiences fewer failures (but a wide margin) than my Smith and Wesson 22A. The slide locks back on an empty magazine and you get to train with the controls of your chosen gun. The only downside is the magazines not only don’t drop free but often need to be pulled out with enough force that the base plate comes off. This probably wouldn’t be an issue with a Glock due to the fact a Glock is a Glock and you can build something that works on them easier than trying to make something work with every 1911 on the planet.

    These kits are picky with ammunition. In his kit Federal’s .22 ammunition never seems to work. Same goes for Remington’s bulk ammunition. CCI Mini-Mags work great though.

    Yes it does cost about the same as a dedicated .22 pistol but it’s still cheaper than getting a new Glock. Perhaps a .22 Glock would be significantly cheaper than their current pistols but still with the conversion kit you get to practice with the exact gun you want to.

  7. Less Says:

    I’ve blogged about mine a lot…

    My only problem is that magazines are $25.00 and there is no handy loading device to speed it up a bit.

    AA get’s my busted thumbs up all the way!

  8. Less Says:

    CCI and cheap Remy Golden Bullets all the way in the glock kits.

  9. DirtCrashr Says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting one for the Sig, but probably should get one for the ’43 Colt instead so I can at least see the sights.

  10. Tomcatshanger Says:

    I didn’t know about the extended barrels. Interesting.

    The box says don’t use certain kinds of Ammo, and Federal is on that list. RTFM. Or the insert as the case may be.

  11. RML Says:

    I ordered an AA conversion kit from Glock World for my Glock 19 since they were unavailable locally or in the nearby Big(ish) City and waited four months while it was on back order. Finally tired of the wait, I canceled my order and went to the local gun shop and picked up a Ruger 22/45, which I really enjoy shooting. Glock should just go ahead and make a .22. They could sell a million of them.

  12. Ian Argent Says:

    I’ve heard good things about the AA kit. I want one in a platonic way (admittedly – I don’t have to do the @#%#$% paperwork that a second pistol would force me to do in NJ; and if they weren’t backordered I could mail order one).

  13. Jailer Says:

    I want one and buddy of mine has one. His seems to have the same good luck with Remington and won’t run at all on Federal. Nothing like getting more trigger time on cheap. Won’t take too much shooting to make up the cost of the kit.

    Now if I could just find one.

  14. Sean Says:

    I have had one for about 6 months and love it. Mags are expensive, it is picky about ammo, says so on there website I think, but its a ton of fun. Because the slide is lighter I found it has made me a better shot because I have to concentrate that much more about trigger pull.

  15. Diomed Says:

    Don’t waste your money on an extended barrel. It’s so thin it will have to be cut back and an adapter installed just like what is done with the standard barrel.

    The adapter also makes taking it down a bit more difficult – not a good idea to be taking it off and reinstalling it frequently.

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