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An interesting point on carry permit databases

The Gun Geek in comments at SIH:

If you live in a “may issue” state, there MUST be some way for those have been denied a permit to see who did get approved. Without at least that minimum level of accountability, the potential for abuse is just too great.

Interesting. What say you?

5 Responses to “An interesting point on carry permit databases”

  1. Ian Argent Says:

    I actually agree with that. If it’s treated as a special privilege, then we should be able to see who has been extended that privilege.

    Exclude law-enforcement and their immediate families (sworn officers, support staff, and prosecutorial staff) as individuals, but maintain a count of how many of these permits are issued (honestly, I would a) assume they could get anyway and b) believe they do have a somewhat higher-than-normal chance of needing a defensive arm). Have a process so that people who have a clearly articulable privacy need (recipients of restraining orders, mainly) can get their info suppressed (again, count the permits for this process).

    If it is treated as a right, or a privilege at the level of a drivers license, no deal.

  2. Steve Says:

    If all goes well at the supreme court, “may issue” could be a thing of the past by this time next year.

  3. K-Romulus Says:

    Well, not in Maryland. The CCW files are, by State Police regs, considered “investigation files” and exempt from public disclosure. All we can get is aggregate data like numbers of issued permits and renewals, and race/sex/age/occupation of all permit holders.

  4. Standard Mischief Says:

    I’ll agree. I’d also not exclude the police (who should not need permits anyway). Also, since the permit rolls are not used to determine which congressional district you are in, allow any old valid mailing address (or heck, no address at all — cash, “instant background” check, and carry)

    “May issue” is way to much power to just leave in the hands of appointed law officers.

  5. Ride Fast Says:

    “May issue”, “no open carry” and “no issue” should be treated as the illegal act they are, a federal crime.

    If concealed carry without a permit is legal, then the list must be public information.