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Mexico wants gun control

In the US:

I would like to see the assault weapons ban reinstated – it’s not philosophical, it’s because of what we have seen on the ground…There is a direct correlation between the assault ban and expiring in 2004 and the numbers – simply the sheer numbers – of assault weapons that we seize in Mexico…We are both cognizant of what can and cannot be done right now – we will softly, diplomatically…continue to say that this is an important issue for us but I think the real perspectives of this moving on Capitol Hill these days are slim to say the least

Yes. Because not having rifles with bayonet lugs would save Mexico. You know what would keep US guns out of Mexico and Mexican grenades out of the US?

9 Responses to “Mexico wants gun control”

  1. Ron W Says:

    Why not DEMAND that the President CHANGE from the previous administration and actually do his DUTY to “protect the States against invasion” Article IV, Section 4, U.S. Constitution!!!!! That ain’t gonna happen which should mean impeachment and removal from office IF we had a Congress which would do its duty!!!

  2. Kristopher Says:

    Gee … I dunno … a big freaking wall, maybe?

  3. Alcibiades Says:

    Hey Ron,

    54-40 or Fight!!11!1ONE!

  4. Kristopher Says:

    Alcibades: You say that like invading Canada would be a bad thing …

  5. Tom Says:

    I’m all for limiting .gov arms exports to a corrupt shithole like mexico! What are we waiting for?

    OH? Those aren’t the guns he’s talking about? Never mind.

  6. illinois vote Says:

    The only thing that’s currently stymying Mexico and the Democrats on the matter of private firearms ownership. Its called the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Welcome to the United States….

  7. Firehand Says:

    You’ll notice that it’s ‘the official’, as the shitbird won’t allow his name to be used.

    Getting pretty sick of Mexico using us as the blame for all their damn problems.

  8. Matt Groom Says:

    Since Mexico is apparently unable to build their own weapons, and has no source for small arms outside of the US, since they are unable to control their crime rates, unable to provide their citizens with employment, and unable to convince members of their own military to not go AWOL, I propose a radical plan to help Mexico. INVASION. That’s right! Apparently, the only people in Mexico with Fully Automatic Assault Rifles and Grenades are members of the drug cartels who must be destroyed. The Mexican police forces are terribly corrupt and incompetent, the vast majority of the population has fled to the north as refugees to escape the violence, making a draft impossible. So as an act of mercy, we should, nay, WE MUST INVADE MEXICO to liberate them from the Narco-Terrorists who have sized control of their country and displaced their legitimate government. A secure Mexico is a safe America!!!

    Do they not see that this meme can go both ways? Have they completely forgotten the Spanish-American war? A moral crusade can have unintended consequences for the moralists. This idea won’t seem so far fetched if a nuke goes off in Phoenix that’s smuggled in through Mexico.

  9. Tom Says:

    While I think you;re just being a tad sarcastic Matt, there is promise in the idea.

    After “liberation” we can return Mexico to the ‘native inhabitants’ too. Isn’t that what the occupiers in lo-cal are always ranting? Of course, if we were to take them up on that their eyeballs would launch from their skulls because they weren’t the natives, the indians were.

    Or we could just divide it up into 7 states as part of Obama’s revisionist history.