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Where guns are mostly banned

Cop goes to bar. Bouncer won’t let him in. Cop gets his defaced (as in serial number removed) gun and threatens bouncer. In NYC.

7 Responses to “Where guns are mostly banned”

  1. illinois vote Says:

    NYPD cop gets busted with a throwaway piece? Precious

  2. Tam Says:

    Wonder if the BATFEIEIO will remember to charge him for his federal offense?

  3. Huck Says:

    “Wonder if the BATFEIEIO will remember to charge him for his federal offense?”

    Yeah, right. I’ll bet that all charges against him get dropped and that the “defaced” gun quietly vanishes if it has’nt already.

  4. Bruce Says:

    Does Plaxico need a roommate?

  5. JKB Says:

    I like the part where he first flashes his badge and when that doesn’t work, he gets his illegal handgun and threatens. Oh and let’s not leave out he was intoxicated and drugs were found in his car. Along with his service revolver. All for not meeting the dress code but wanting special “the Ones” treatment.

  6. nk Says:

    Not “throwaway”. “Drop gun”. “I had to shoot him because he pointed this gun at me.”

  7. workinwifdakids Says:

    I’m flabbergasted. We all hear about drop guns, but it’s not often the cops offer one up as evidence in their own criminal wrong-doing.

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