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An email is not a blog is not a message board

We gun bloggers seem to take the blame for all sorts of gun industry rumors. Even though none of us that I know of even mentioned it. Not the first time Jim Shepherd tried to poo-poo blogs, either.

6 Responses to “An email is not a blog is not a message board”

  1. Caleb Says:

    I saw “Daniel Defense” in the link at Sebastian’s blog, and immediately thought “wait, what?” I’ve been in pretty regular communication with the DD guys for about a month now, and they haven’t mentioned anything about going under – nor have they been anything but prompt in communications. Layoffs != going out of business, and blaming blogs for it isn’t cool. Way2Fail, Outdoor Wire.

  2. Bitter Says:

    The question isn’t about the company. The company did layoff about 23% of its workforce according to an interview the owner did with a local paper, and they did furlough most of their remaining workers. The big question is where are these mysterious rumors appearing online, if they are appearing online at all. I certainly couldn’t find any within the very specific time frame offered by Jim. I can’t imagine that the company is concerned about “blog rumors” if they are in touch with bloggers regularly.

    Let me know if anyone finds anything other than the one forum link where no mention was made about Daniel Defense going under and was, in fact, full of well-wishes for the company to recover from the furloughs and layoffs.

  3. RAH Says:

    First I heard of this and not familiar with Daniel Defense. But from a career in bussiness, if a comapny laid off 23%, over 1/5, and furloughed the rest is because they have a cash flow problem and are worried about making the payroll. That does not augur well for the financial future of the company.

    I am basing this quickie analysis only on the info listed in your comment Bitter.

    Without a P&L statement and knowing the assets and liabilities of the company I can not know any more.

    In this market, guns are doing very well. But their capitilaztion may have been effeted by the credit markets and they have big bills to pay.

  4. Bitter Says:

    RAH, the information I posted was from an interview with the Savannah paper here. It said about 30 employees were laid off with a remaining 100, most (about 70) of whom were furloughed.

  5. straightarrow Says:

    Damn! I didn’t look before I linked. Hope I didn’t scare him too badly. Left immediately.

  6. RAH Says:

    I have read a bit more about DD and it seems they are just getting into the AR business. Probably behind the curve and expensive to retool. Thus would explained tooling costs not matched by revenue. One hopes that they have enough capital to get through the start up of a new line and start making money off the new line.

    But the fact of laying people off and putting the rest on furlough means they did not have sufficient reserve and a cash flow problem. This does not mean the company will go under. Just that they screwed up on managing their money. Hope that is not a common problem with the company. Without more extensive knowledge I can not say.